Did 'Making A Murderer' Steven Avery Finally Confess To Killing Teresa Halbach?

Perry Carpenter

Making a Murderer's Steven Avery's bid to overturn his murder conviction just got harder. A former prison friend of Avery just came forward and claims that he confessed to killing Teresa Halbach. How will this affect Season 2?

Rock for Advocate reports that Joseph Evans Jr. met Avery in a Wisconsin prison back in 2010. Evans was serving time for murdering his wife in 2009 and recognized Avery from all the news coverage on Halbach's death. Avery also knew about Evans' murder case and the two men quickly bonded.

It didn't take long before Avery opened up about Halbach's murder. Evans says that Avery confessed to the killing and he believes he could have avoided conviction if it hadn't been for Brendan Dassey's confession. Avery then discussed the murder in grim detail, revealing how he got Halbach into his trailer, strangled and raped her, and proceeded to have sex even after she had died.

"Steven Avery told me that he had seen Teresa out at the salvage yard before," Evans explained. "He said that he had thought that Teresa would be an easy lay because he didn't think she was all that pretty or anything. …but she did have a sexy bottom on her."
"He said he put the knife to Teresa's throat as he guided her to his bedroom," Evans continued. "Steven said Teresa was crying and begging him not to kill her."

Evans says the conversations occurred before the show hit Netflix, which is one reason why Avery was so open about the case. According to Yahoo, the case against Dassey was overturned after a judge ruled his testimony inadmissible. Dassey has not been released from prison, however, and remains at a correctional facility in Wisconsin.

Netflix is also preparing for the release of Season 2 of Making a Murderer. Hollywood Life reports that the new season will focus on Avery's fight for justice and Dassey's surprising release.

"The story is still ongoing, so you will see new episodes coming sometime this year as this story continues to unfold," Cindy Holland, the vice president of original content for Netflix, explained. "We don't know when for sure new episodes will be coming."

According to Enstarz, the new season of Making a Murderer will also feature some new evidence. After the show had become a hit on Netflix, Avery hired attorney Kathleen Zellner to continue his appeal. Zellner is working alongside a scientist from Sweden named Kirsty Spalding, who plans on using carbon dating to help solve the case.

"I don't really have an opinion of whether Steven Avery is innocent or guilty," Spalding shared. "I have more of an opinion of whether I think there's been planted evidence or not and ultimately that's all this analysis will tell us is whether or not this evidence is planted."

Meanwhile, prosecuting attorney Ken Kratz is also capitalizing on the show's popularity. W Bay reports that Kratz is getting ready to release a book about the infamous case, titled Avery: The Case Against Steven Avery and What 'Making a Murderer' Got Wrong. The book is scheduled for release in February.

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