‘Switched At Birth’ Recap: Bay Faces A Love Triangle, Who Will She Choose?

The final season of Switched at Birth premiered last night on Freeform and allowed fans to find out what’s been going on with their favorite characters.

Warning: Spoilers from Tuesday night’s episode of Switched At Birth below. Read at your own risk!

The premiere started out with Bay (Vanessa Marano) and Daphne (Katie Leclerc) living in China. The girls decided to prolong their trip until they receive a call from Melody, Emmett’s (Sean Berdy) mom, who reveals that Emmett had overdosed on a bunch of pills. Both Bay and Daphne, along with Travis, who had joined the girls in China, rush back to Kansas City to Emmett’s side. However, when they get there, they realize Emmett didn’t really want them there at all. He shuts them out but then realizes he still has feelings for Bay when he sees her with Travis.

While in China, Travis decided to come visit, and he ended up staying and moving in with Bay and Daphne. Bay and Travis pick up their relationship where it left off, and continue their romance when they arrive back home. However, Emmett’s confession to Bay (that he should have never let her go) leaves her confused about who she should be with and, once again, in a love triangle.

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Executive producer Lizzy Weiss discussed their decision to switch up Bay’s love life.

“Bay and Emmett have been through so much and so many ups and downs, and they may end up together in the long run, but for right now… that’s put to bed a little bit,” Weiss explained to TV Line. “And Travis is this incredible guy, [whom] she’s become very close to, and they’ve shared a lot. She needed to give him a try…. And we were excited about a fresh relationship. We love how it turned out. They get to have great fights, though, about everything, including Emmett. He’s a little bit of a shadow in their relationship in the beginning, and we deal with that later.”

The relationship between Bay and Emmett has been rocky, to say the least. He broke up with her, left, and immediately started dating another girl named Skye. He essentially moved on but questioned his decisions when he saw Bay doing the same.

“It’s ironic, of course, because Emmett dated Skye first, but the heart doesn’t deal with logic too much,” Weiss continued. “So of course, he’s trying to be a mensch about it, but it’s hard. Travis is family to him. So part of him feels like it’s a betrayal for Travis to go after Bay. At the same time, he broke up with Bay himself. It’s very complicated. He has to deal with that himself. Did he make the wrong choice by breaking up with Bay? Does he have regrets? All of those kinds of questions.”

As for Travis, he is already insecure about Emmett and Bay, and now that Bay has decided not to move in with him in Kansas City, he is left wondering where their relationship stands.

“Travis definitely is a little insecure about the ghost of Emmett and wondering if this epic Bay/Emmett romance is always going to be carried in her heart and if she’s privately comparing him to [it],” Lizzy said. “That’s going to rear its head a little bit. It’s going to cause some problems between them.”

To find out who Bay chooses, tune into Switched at Birth Tuesdays at 9/8c on Freeform. Check out the promo for next week’s episode below.

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