Is Leah Messer Quitting ‘Teen Mom 2’ After Accusing MTV Of Inaccurate Editing?

Is Leah Messer ready to move on from Teen Mom 2 to her own series?

According to an OK! Magazine report, Leah Messer recently spoke of a new show on Twitter, but it wasn’t the mother of three who declared, “I want my own show.” Instead, it was her 7-year-old daughter Aleeah Simms.

“Aleeah just said she wanted her own show. I said, you are on a show and she said not your show Mommy. I want my own show LOL. #SheDontGetIt,” Leah Messer told her fans and followers on January 30.

While the magazine asked readers if Leah Messer was ready to quit the MTV reality show, there doesn’t appear to be any truth to the possibility.

Leah Messer has three daughters, her twin girls Aleeah and Aleeah, 7, from her first marriage to Corey Simms, and her youngest child, daughter Adalynn, 3, from her second marriage to Jeremy Calvert.

Leah Messer and her family have been featured on Teen Mom 2 for the past several years. Although she and her co-stars have often taken aim at MTV for their allegedly inaccurate edits, there doesn’t appear to be an end in sight.

Last year, Leah Messer put the network on blast after her daughter was seen tearfully telling her she doesn’t trust her after the reality star refused to feed her and her sister before they went to school.

“It’s so sad how the person behind the editing can even live a happy life by editing to manipulate the audience watching. It makes me feel like my story just isn’t enough,” Leah Messer wrote at the time.

“It hurts to feel BETRAYED by the ones I THOUGHT I could trust with my story. It goes to show you how ‘THE ENTERTAINMENT WORLD’ really is,” she continued. “I hope to continue to share my story but I REFUSE to allow it to be twisted for the benefit of a NETWORK!”

While Leah Messer seemed to hint at her possible exit from the show at the time, she and her family have remained on the series, as has Kailyn Lowry, who has also accused the network of betraying her with their edits.

Leah Messer also took aim at MTV after the network aired footage of a drunken night out between her and Calvert. As fans may recall, Leah Messer admitted to being buzzed as she filmed and later accused the network of editing the scene to make it appear that she was the only one interested in getting back together.

“I’m 99.9 % sure those feelings were mutual. I could go in detail, but won’t. Oh, how I love this fake a** TV show,” she wrote to fans after the show aired, also claiming she was “so over it.”

In response to the tweet, a source claimed Leah Messer was unfairly edited by MTV and suggested it was Calvert who wanted to meet with her in the first place.

“[Leah Messer] wrote that because the show cut out everything on Jeremy’s side,” an industry source explained to People Magazine. “He was the one who was begging her to come back and to give him another chance. He was the one that coordinated the date and to try to make it work.”

To see more of Leah Messer and her cos-stars, including her ex-husbands and her daughters, tune into Teen Mom 2 Season 7B on Monday nights at 9 p.m. on MTV.

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