Jax Taylor On James Kennedy: ‘Pump Rules’ Star Hints Of Physical Abuse

Jax Taylor isn’t a big fan of James Kennedy and he has been very vocal about how he wanted him fired from SUR and Vanderpump Rules. Taylor learned that James was performing at another club in Hollywood during last night’s episode of Vanderpump Rules and the group decided to go see him do his thing. While Tom Sandoval was there for James in the word of support, many of the other Vanderpump Rules stars only came to provoke him. Jax, Kristen Doute, and Brian Carter were all present to see him do his thing and after he had performed, Kennedy got into an argument with Taylor.

According to a new tweet, Jax Taylor is now revealing that he didn’t go to the show to get in a fight with James Kennedy. As Taylor’s girlfriend Brittany Cartwright pointed out on Vanderpump Rules, Jax was still on probation when he went to the club. He wasn’t allowed to get into a physical fight and get arrested, as he would land in jail. And this was something that Brittany didn’t want.

“I’m so petty I would do exactly what Kristen Doute, Jax Taylor and Scheana Shay are doing at James’ show #loveit #wheresmypopcorn,” one fan wrote to the Vanderpump Rules stars about how they showed up to watch James perform, to which Jax Taylor replied, “I am not petty but he hits girls, as you saw so if my girl is going you better bet your ass I am gonna be around. #PumpRules.”

But many people felt that Jax Taylor and Kristen were provoking James just by being at the club. Plus, they wanted to see James be confronted by the girls who claimed they had slept with him, while he was dating his new girlfriend.

“You and Kristen antagonized him. Stay away from him,” one person wrote back to Jax, sharing that he provoked the fight between James and the group, while another person asked about the abuse allegations, asking Taylor, “What girls has he hit? I’ve only seen Kristen punch him in the face and then GG slapped his face? Does he hit girls off camera.”

There’s no evidence on Vanderpump Rules that Kennedy has hit another girl. He has often been on the receiving end of a slap or a punch, but it sounds like Jax Taylor’s accusation falls flat. It may be interesting to see what James will say in his own defense.

“The question is why were either of you going? Totally unnecessary. The whole situation could have been easily avoided,” another person pointed out to Jax Taylor, sharing that he may not have been right in showing up at the show.

“You can’t get people ‘fired’ use your head! He did it to himself, how many chances does one get. He’s a liability Lisa is looking out 4 SUR,” Jax Taylor revealed about Kennedy being fired from SUR, sharing that he had no influence in whether James had been fired by Lisa.

“Lisa uses your pathetic lives to make $, she’s another BS artist, partners n loans everywhere. She owns 51% of SUR, let’s not talk nightclubs n restaurants, I retired at 40 thanks to them. Ur 37, make a move already, take whatever $ u do have n get out there on ur own? What r u waiting 4,” another person wrote to Jax Taylor, clearly pointing out that other people are benefiting financially from his behavior on Vanderpump Rules.

It sounds like Jax may be used by Lisa to make money as Vanderpump Rules is a big hit. And it sounds like Taylor loves being on the show to make money. But there’s no evidence that James has hit another girl when the cameras weren’t rolling.

What do you think of Jax Taylor’s comments that Kennedy may have been violent with a girl?

[Featured Image by Rob Kim/Getty Images for Daily Mail]