‘This Is Us’ Schedule Left Fans Hanging, Spoilers Tease Big Episode 14 Ahead

There was no new episode of This Is Us on January 31 due to a schedule shift, and fans were left feeling quite disappointed over yet another week away from the Pearson family. Episode 14 is due to air on Tuesday, February 7, and people are anxious for spoilers regarding what to expect next from this blockbuster show starring Justin Hartley, Chrissy Metz, Sterling K. Brown, Mandy Moore, and Milo Ventimiglia. What’s the scoop on the next show titled “I Call Marriage”?

Why wasn’t a new dose of This Is Us on last night? A repeat aired, and while many thought the schedule was set up that way due to the coverage of President Trump’s Supreme Court nomination Tuesday night, many fans pointed out online that NBC had noted a while back that the January 31 episode would be a repeat. The series has been hit with quite a few schedule shifts and breaks already, leaving viewers hanging on more than one occasion, but there should be a good stretch of new Pearson adventures ahead leading into the Season 1 finale on March 7.

Sterling K. Brown
Randall, Kate, and Kevin face new challenges in Episode 14 of 'This Is Us' [Image by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]

As for Episode 14 titled “I Call Marriage,” TV Guide shares some fun This Is Us spoilers regarding what is coming up next. Everybody will see Kate focusing on her weight-loss battle as she’s away at her camp, and things get complicated when once again Toby throws her off-course. From the looks of things, Toby shows up at the camp intending to stick around for a while, and he quickly runs into Duke, the horse trainer who has taken an interest in Kate. Teasers hint that things could get awkward and complicated for Kate and Toby as the days at camp continue.

Kevin will continue to do some serious reflection on his love life choices of the past few years while Randall is having a difficult time accepting William’s declining health. As everybody recently saw, Kevin made a grand gesture in tracking down his surprised ex-wife Sophie and telling her that he had never stopped loving her. Kevin made it clear that he wanted a shot at a reunion, and This Is Us spoilers indicate that they will meet up again during Episode 14. Is Sophie really the one who got away and will she give Kevin another chance?

Upcoming flashback scenes will put Miguel and Shelly with Jack and Rebecca again, and This Is Us spoilers reveal that Miguel and Shelly will have some heartbreaking news to share. Viewers are dying to see how Miguel and Rebecca end up together, and it will be interesting to see if these flashback scenes provide any clues. People are bracing themselves for Jack’s looming death, and there are plenty of theories floating around about how that plays out as well.

Milo Ventimiglia and Mandy Moore play Jack and Rebecca on 'This Is Us'
Jack and Rebecca face new challenges on the next 'This Is Us' [Image by Jesse Grant/Getty Images]

This next show also will show Rebecca getting a fantastic work opportunity of some sort. Most would imagine that this takes place in the past and gives Jack and Rebecca a lot to think about as they would have to consider whether her starting to work would be the best thing for Kate, Kevin, and Randall.

Only a few more episodes remain before the Season 1 finale, and viewers are anxious to know whether or not they’ll get the full story about Jack’s death before the finale wraps. Show creator Dan Fogelman shared with Entertainment Weekly that more details about Jack’s death will be revealed soon, but a lot of specifics will be carrying over into Season 2. NBC recently renewed the series not only for a second season but a third as well, and Fogelman was clearly thrilled that he can continue to tell the Pearson story in the way he always envisioned it.

Can Kevin convince Sophie to give him another chance? Will Duke’s interest in Kate truly cause problems with Toby? What causes Jack’s death and leads to Rebecca’s marriage to Miguel? Additional This Is Us spoilers will emerge in the days ahead, and fans are already counting down to the next new episode set to air on Tuesday, February 7.

[Featured image by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]