‘The Bachelor’s Corinne Olympios Explains Real Deal About ‘Nanny’ On Ellen


The Bachelor “villain” Corinne Olympios guested on The Ellen DeGeneres show on Wednesday to discuss Nick Viall, Nanny Racquel, and to play a little game of “Who’d You Rather.” Ellen, who is a self-professed The Bachelor addict, was relentless in reminding Corinne about her antics on the reality show, and even got to tell the 24-year-old business owner that she was a little crazy in the first few episodes. Without losing a beat, and in typical Corinne fashion, The Bachelor contender said she thinks she was actually pretty funny and had no regrets about joining the show at all.

When Ellen asked if what she showed on TV was actually the real Corinne, the comedienne replied that it was definitely the real side of her. But she added that there are still other sides that people have not seen yet, to which Ellen quickly asked what other sides are there, as people have seen her front side. DeGeneres is, of course, referring to Corinne’s bridal pictorial in the pool with Nick, where she took her bikini top off and posed Janet Jackson style with the bachelor. Corinne was quick to assure that more sides to her will be revealed in the coming weeks on the show and that she will definitely be “clothed.”

Corinne Olympios gets grilled on Ellen about Nanny Raquel
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Of course, Ellen’s curious if Olympios was drunk most of the time, as the ladies are often seen with a glass in hand every week. To which Corinne admitted that there was definitely alcohol every time, but she didn’t really go over her limit as to reach blackout point. Now that this has been revealed, could her naps be somehow alcohol related? It can be recalled that she had slept through at least one rose ceremony and one group date in the previous episodes.

Ellen would not let Corinne go without explaining about “Nanny Raquel.” It turns out that Raquel has been with her family for 18 years and is more of a part of it than an employee. The nanny has raised her younger sister and helped her mom through cancer. Olympios admits that she could have explained the situation better, rather than being perceived as a 24-year-old baby who still depends on her nanny.

Later on, Ellen dared The Bachelor contestant to play a game of “Who’d You Rather,” asking her to pick between the likes of Zac Efron and Drake vs. Nick Viall. As the show still has a long way to go, Corinne can only provide safe answers and always picked Nick of course. Watch a clip from Corinne’s guesting on Ellen in the video below.

Meanwhile, as the girls in The Bachelor trickle down in numbers, claws begin to come out, and layers begin to shed. In the last episode, the ladies were treated to New Orleans with Nick. Could it just be the mysterious Louisiana air, or has the cauldron finally reached its boiling point? The rivalry between Corinne and Taylor Nolan tipped over in this week’s episode, providing too much drama, and more importantly, more entertainment.

While the competition was supposed to be a race to win The Bachelor Nick Viall’s heart, the “Corinne and Taylor showdown” became more of a personal attack against each other. According to Entertainment Weekly, with Taylor telling Corinne that her emotional intelligence is a bit questionable, Corinne turned the table and informed Taylor of her rudeness to the other girls. This visibly affected Taylor, but it sure didn’t stop her from emphasizing Corinne’s lack of emotional intelligence.

Corrine Olympios always picked Nick during a game on Ellen
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What could be the best way to play this out, than to set them up on a 2-to-1 date, of course. Which, to hockey players is otherwise known as “sudden death.” But men will be men; they don’t care that much for women’s petty squabbles. As Nick tells host Chris, he is aware of the tension among the girls, but he’s more concerned about the way they handle it.

“Am less concerned about specific conversations they had, am concerned about how they handle it with me. These are mature women, and I feel some of that stuff will work themselves out, but I think it’s important for them to focus on this relationship.”

During the 2-to-1 date, Corinne and Taylor had their final showdown, and eventually, Nick decided to send Taylor home. Scorned, the 23-year-old mental health counselor got some voodoo cleansing first, before finally interrupting Corinne’s victorious dinner with Nick.

While previews of next week’s episode reveal that Corinne might be sent home as well, her guest appearance on Ellen confirms that she might be staying longer in the reality show. Find out what happens next on The Bachelor next week on ABC.

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