‘Pokemon GO’ News: Legendaries Coming Soon After Master Ball Data Reference?

Pokemon GO might not be the behemoth that it was when it first debuted last year, but the hit mobile game still commands a very strong player base. With the latest PoGO update being rolled out recently, avid fans of the hit augmented reality mobile title have taken it upon themselves to deep dive into the game’s codes. From what data miners have found out so far, it appears that the highly anticipated rollout of legendary Pokemon would be sooner than expected.

Recent Pokemon GO updates have been pretty marginal at best, with a few bug fixes and a couple of new features being introduced from time to time. Despite Niantic’s constant efforts to update the game, however, PoGO is a still far from being comparable to classic Pokemon games. Thus, it has become common practice among avid Pokemon GO fans to dive into the mobile title’s codes to find out what Niantic is brewing beneath the surface. With this in mind, the recent PokemonGO update has revealed yet another set of interesting new data, as revealed by PoGO-themed group The Silph Road.

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Among the most anticipated features of Pokemon GO that is yet to see the light of day is the rollout of Generation 1 legendary creatures. Despite PoGO already starting the introduction of Gen 2 creatures in the form of baby Pokemon such as Togepi and Pichu, the legendary birds Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres, as well as Mew and Mewtwo, are yet to be officially introduced to the game. If the codes found in the recent Pokemon GO patch are any indication, however, it would appear that the legendary creatures from Generation 1 would be making an appearance in the game soon.

A Slashgear report stated that the recent Pokemon GO update includes new codes for future features of the game. Headlining these new discoveries is a line of code referring to a “Critical Catch,” which numerous PoGO players have interpreted as the possible introduction of Master Balls. In classic Pokemon games, Master Balls created by Team Rocket and are among the most powerful Pokeballs, capable of capturing any monster in one shot.

With this in mind, Master Balls would be the perfect item that Pokemon GO players would need to capture a legendary monster. Thus, if Master Balls are coming to the game, it would probably not be too long before Gen 1 legendaries are rolled out as well. Considering that Niantic would most likely hold a special event for the release of Gen 1 legendary monsters, the chances of players having to use special items such as Master Balls to capture the mythical Pokemon are pretty high.

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The Silph Road‘s data mining efforts have revealed many new features that might be coming to Pokemon GO soon as well. Among these are Encounter Items, which numerous players suspect are related to items that players could acquire while traveling across the game’s map. If these speculations ring true, it might be possible for Niantic to utilize Encounter Items to introduce the concept of Evolution Items to the game as well.

Apart from Critical Catches and Encounter Items, references to Unown Badges have also been discovered in the recent Pokemon GO update’s codes. Unown, one of Gen 2’s unique creatures, is notable because there are so many variations of the creature. Considering that there are literally dozens of Unown forms in the Pokemon universe, the addition of Unown badges to the game makes a lot of sense.

Pokemon GO has just reached the $1 billion mark in sales, practically setting a record for mobile games. While the title is pretty much a project that is still under construction, it has managed to capture the hearts and imaginations of millions of Pokemon aficionados across the globe nonetheless. With Generation 1 legendary monsters seemingly coming to the game soon, and with new creatures such as Unown only waiting to be introduced, it would seem that Pokemon GO is set to get even better.

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