Angry Pizza Hut Delivery Guy Urinates On Woman’s Door

If you don’t tip the Pizza Hut delivery guy in Des Moines, Iowa, you may end up with urine on your doorstep.

Chloe Teply ordered a pizza at her apartment complex last week and didn’t have the money for a tip. The pizza arrived, the delivery guy took the payment, but then things went wrong.

The Huffington Post reports the Des Moines, Iowa Pizza Hut delivery driver was upset when he realized he got stiffed on the tip. Rather than taking the high road and leaving with his head held high, the driver decided to respond with his pants down low. Apartment security footage showed the driver took the money and started down the stairs away from Teply’s apartment, but then turned around to leave a tip of his own.

The Franchise Herald reports that the delivery man was fired after the manager was shown the video. Pizza Hut delivery drivers, like many in the service industry, are sometimes paid wages below minimum wage as tips are supposed to make up a portion of their income.

“I’m very upset,” Teply said. “It’s just one of those things where unfortunately, I don’t have the money.”


Teply told local news that she felt sympathy for the delivery guy, who she estimated was near her age, but added that if someone’s skin is too thin to be able to handle getting stiffed on a tip, then a career as a pizza delivery guy may not be for him. While the reports state the man responsible for the urinating was fired from his job, it wasn’t clear if he would face charges for public urination or indecent exposure.