Jackson Family Claims To Know Paris’ Sexual Assaulter

Paris Jackson’s family claims to know who assaulted her when she was 14-years-old. They claim that they have an idea as to who he may be and that they are quite concerned. A source close to the Jackson family claimed that,

“There is a belief among the family about exactly who this man is- and serious concern it is an individual with from for this type of behavior.”

Paris was just 11-years-old when her father and King of Pop, Michael Jackson passed away. Now at 18-years-old revealed in her first interview to Rolling Stones that she had been sexually assaulted at the tender age.

“I don’t wanna give too many details. But it was not a good experience at all, and it was really hard for me, and, at the time, I didn’t tell anybody.”

Paris Jackson sexual assaulter is known to Jacksons
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Paris has insisted that she will not answer any further questions with regards to her Rolling Stones interview, as it is quite clear.

During her interview, she revealed a lot about her mental illness and her struggles with it. After a number of suicide attempts, she went to Utah where she received treatment. Before that, she hadn’t been receiving ay help and had attempted to hide her scars as well as signs of drug use.


Attempted suicide

In June 2013, Paris attempted to end her life after suffering from addiction and depression. She took pills and slit her wrists, as she could no longer think that her life was worth living. She experienced cyber-bullying as well as well self-hatred.

Paris Jackson sexual assaulter is known to Jacksons
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This, however, wasn’t the first time that she attempted to end her life. She had tried a number of times before but unfortunately this one too many and she had to join a therapy program whereby she could receive some help.

Paris had been experiencing depression and anxiety following her father’s death, which she believes, was a murder. She was hanging out with the wrong crowds as she wasn’t fitting in with her classmates and ended up and trying to grow up too fast.

She claims that the experience was great for her and that she is a completely different person.

Becoming an adult

She has lived with her grandmother, Katherine Jackson since the death of her father Michael Jackson. She was not very close with her mother Debbie Rowe growing up but has since formed a relationship with her mother, which she allegedly sees as a friendship rather than a mother-daughter relationship as she has had several mother figures raising her up.

It may have been difficult for her to form that bond without having actually known her mother, Michael’s ex-wife. There have been many people questioning whether her older brother Prince and herself are actually Michael Jackson’s children. Paris does believe that her father is indeed her biological parent.

Paris has since moved out of her grandmother’s home and is currently living in a private studio owned by her family’s estate.

Gleaming future

Despite her unique childhood Paris seems to be moving forward with her life with the high potential to prosper in her future endeavors. Although she is set to inherit a lot of money Paris is hardworking and focusing on her own money and growth.

She is embracing opportunities that have been awarded to her from modeling to now acting and spreading positivity through her social media.

It has been revealed that Sir Rod Stewart’s manager Arnold Stiefel has signed Paris. The late Michael Jackson’s daughter will also debut as an actress on the drama series Star by Lee Daniels, the Empire creator. She will play an intimidating social media guru who whose character will have an impact on the other characters storylines.


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