Khloe Kardashian Sparks Questions Of Lip Injections As She Shares Selfie

The Kardashian family enjoyed a recent vacation to Costa Rica, where Khloe Kardashian seemed to glow as she soaked up the sun.

The 32-year-old Kardashian took to Instagram to share a sun-kissed selfie as she relaxed at the tropical locale. Khloe captioned the photo “island vibes” as she’s seen in a yellow tank with flowing blonde hair. Her post received a whopping 1.6 million likes as fans enjoyed seeing this side of the Kardashian sister.

Khloe’s selfie got so much love, fans started even calling her the hottest Kardashian.

“…she’s by far the hottest Kardashian and you know how much I love the Kardashians so that was hard to say cause you know I love them equally.”

Khloe showcased her luscious lips in the selfie, and her fans took notice. Some left comments telling her she’s gorgeous, while others inquired about her lip color as she flaunted a noticeably plump pout.

“What lipstick are you wearing? Totally gorge!!!”

However, some found Khloe’s lips to be too much as they shared their opinions on her look.

“Over did the lips”

Other Instagram users believe Khloe used lip injections to achieve her ample lips as they commented with heart and syringe emojis. Other commenters simply stated they felt bad for plumped up lips.

“her poor lips”

But Khloe’s Instagram followers weren’t the only ones to take notice of the sexy selfie as Entertainment Tonight also weighed in on the post.

“Khloe Kardashian shared a smoldering new bikini pic on social media on Sunday, but the caption didn’t go down too well with some of her followers.”

While the article calls the Kardashian’s selfie “smoldering,” it also brings up the fact she referred to Costa Rica as an island, which it is not.

“The reality star posted a sultry snap while on vacation with her family in Costa Rica, writing, Island Vibes.'”

And while followers were quick to let Khloe know the country is not an island, Entertainment Tonight states she had a comeback for the trolls.

“I’m fully aware that Costa Rica is not an island. I am feeling island vibes hence my caption. Please stop reading so deep into everything. Vibes are vibes! My vibes! Island vibes! Who even has the time to comment this negative s***! Sheshhhhh like I said. ISLAND VIBES.”

It seems like her followers’ comments got the best of her as she defended herself against the negativity. However, it didn’t get her down long as she was seen enjoying the vacation and even working out while in Costa Rica.

Us Weekly reported on the Kardashians’ vacation as the sisters were seen in revealing bathing suits and Snapchatted their rigorous workouts. The site included several photos of the sisters lounging in their swimsuits as it discussed their intense morning exercise.

“Earlier in the day, Kim and Khloé documented an intense early morning workout on their Snapchat accounts.”

Us Weekly also reported on Khloe’s latest as the site said she’s barely recognizable in the photo.

“She’s got that sun-kissed glow! Khloé Kardashian looked nearly unrecognizable in a selfie she posted on Instagram on Sunday, January 29, while on vacation in Costa Rica.”

And the site isn’t the only saying Kardashian is hardly recognizable in the seductive selfie as her fans also commented saying similar things.

“For a second I thought you were Rihanna!”

“Khloe is this actually you? woow”

Us Weekly goes on to state Khloe looks tan as she poses for the camera with noticeably larger lips

“In the picture, Kardashian’s long blonde locks hang down beside her tan cheeks as she purses her plump lips for the camera.”

The article also addresses Khloe’s followers concerns about plastic surgery as she showcases her plump smile while on vacation.

“Several fans pointed out the star’s strikingly different appearance in the comments section, and many wondered if she had plastic surgery.”

It wouldn’t be too shocking to learn Khloe turned to lip injections to achieve the sultry look as younger sister Kylie Jenner has already admitted to the procedure.

[Featured Image by Cindy Ord/Getty Images]