‘Dragon Ball Super’ Episode 77-78 Spoilers: Goku, Zeno Plan A Multiverse Match

Dragon Ball Super Episode 77 is going to enter a new arc starting on February 5, and many fans are excited about the upcoming saga. Right after the Future Trunks saga ended, Dragon Ball Super aired fillers. Although the episodes featured hilarious interactions between the Z-fighters, fans have been looking for something more animated.

The two episode previews for Dragon Ball Super Universe Survival Arc tournament has already aired. Fans are excited for Episode 77 since it will be the start of another exciting saga. Unfortunately, the highly anticipated match between the strongest fighters in all 12 universes might not happen in Dragon Ball Super Episode 77 and 78.

Episode 77 Spoilers

Among the things that many fans are looking forward to Dragon Ball Super is the introduction of Bulla, Bulma and Vegeta’s daughter. Dragon Ball Super Episode 77 preview reveals that Vegeta skipped on training to be with his wife, who might give birth soon. While the Prince of Saiyans is busy with his husbandly duties, Goku is training hard with Whis. However, a quiet and monotonous life has always been too boring for Goku, and he thinks up of something that could make things more exciting.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 77 spoilers reveal that Goku will remember that the Omni King mentioned a tournament where he will gather the strongest fighters in all 12 universes and pit them against each other. Goku has always been excited about the prospect of facing fighters who are stronger than him and he is looking forward to the match. Ultimately, Goku will pitch the idea to the Omni King.

Dragon Ball Super Universe 6 Team

Episode 78 Spoilers

The first episode in the Universe Survival Arc might not be too action-packed, but it is going to lead to the Omniverse tournament. The spoilers for Dragon Ball Super Episode 78 are out, confirming that Episode 77 will probably just be a review of how life has been for the Universe 7 fighters. Based on the spoilers for Episode 78, the Omni King will make the decision to hold the multiverse tournament.

While consulting with Goku, Omni King might ask all Gods of Destruction to come and announce that he is going to hold a multiverse tournament. From the short snippet for Episode 78, it seems that the Gods of Destruction from 12 different worlds will gather in the Omni King’s palace. This could be the episode where the Gods from different worlds are first seen together as they bow to a superior being. The Omni King will also reveal that the survival of a particular universe will depend on how their fighters perform.

Since the Dragon Ball Super Episode 78 spoilers are quite vague, it is quite open to interpretation. This episode might show all the fighters gathered in one place together with the Gods representing their universe, but it remains to be seen if the first match will take place in this episode.

Gods of Destruction

Thanks to the extended preview for Dragon Ball Super Universe Survival arc, the appearances of all 12 Gods of Destruction has been revealed. Interesting enough, each God has a distinct appearance, although their power levels and disposition are yet to be revealed.


One bearded God looks like a Viking and another one is a female God of Destruction accompanied by an old Supreme Kai and a cool angel. The third God of Destruction looks like a huge robot. The fourth God identified looked a bit like a pink pig or mouse. The next one on the list is a fox God of Destruction followed by the clown God of Destruction. This clown looks a bit like Joker and the angel accompanying him seems to mimic the appearance of Harley Quinn. Interesting enough, this was the only universe that had an extra person since there is a cloaked guy them.

Universe 7 God of Destruction Beerus with the angel Whis is also there to represent the world where Goku lives. Then there’s Champa and Vados from Universe 6. Another that that looked similar to the Egyptian deity Bes complete with a red beard has also been revealed. Universe 10 has an elephant God that looks like the Indian god Ganesh. He is accompanied by Gowasu and a petite female angel.

The appearances of the last two Gods were finally shown in Dragon Ball Super Universe Survival Arc extended preview, and one looks a bit like a bird, a turtle, or a humanoid. The God is accompanied by a bearded Supreme Kai and an angel. One of the newest Gods of Destructions looks a bit like a darker version of Beerus. The God was accompanied by a Supreme Kai who looks like one of the Teletubbies.

Based on the Dragon Ball Super Episode 77 and 78 spoilers, the next two episodes will not be too exciting yet, but they are still worth watching since more information about the other universes and Omni King’s plans might be unveiled.

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