Chris Brown Proclaims He Is A Psychotic Stalker In Bizarre Rant [Video]

Ever since Chris Brown made headlines by beating up his ex-girlfriend, Rihanna, he has been known as a bit of an immature troublemaker, notes the Inquisitr. This is especially true in regards to Brown’s relations with members of the opposite sex — for a recent example, take a look at Chris Brown’s rant against actress/model Karrueche Tran, as reported by Hollywood Life. And just yesterday, International Business Times wrote, Brown made what might be his strongest case for being the least woman-friendly person in Hollywood by publicly distributing a rant that needs to be seen to be believed.

In the expletive-laced rant, which he posted in the form of a video on his Instagram account on Tuesday night, Brown seemed utterly proud to say he is a dangerous obsessive when it comes to romance who, among other things, enjoys making women “miserable” and “stalking the f**k out of [them].”

It’s really pretty incredible that Brown would willingly go out of his way to advertise these things about himself but, hey, just charge it to the game, right?

Again, the video is pretty explicit, both in terms of the language used and in terms of its content, so viewer beware.

“Ladies, y’all be complaining about n***as being stalkers, in love with y’all kinda crazy s**t and getting tired of it. Well guess what? I’m one of them n***as,” Chris Brown said.

“If I love you, bitch, ain’t nobody gonna have you. Imma make you miserable. Imma chase that n***a out, Imma chase your ass around. Blowing your s**t up. Hopping gates. Stalking the f**k outta you. Getting on your nerves… f**k that. I’m tearing up everything.”

The public can now thank Chris Brown for gifting us with these romantic words just in time for Valentine’s day. Note, though, that it is highly likely the only women attracted by such behavior will be deeply disturbed individuals in need of serious psychological help.

This is probably not going to do wonders for Chris Brown’s love life. Brown has been spending a lot of time lately with his above-mentioned ex, Rihanna. Many online sources on the internet have speculated that the two might be headed for a romantic reunion despite their extremely rough break-up in 2009. Radar Online reports Brown told Rihanna he is a completely changed man, and it seems that Rihanna believed him. If Brown had a shot at getting his old flame back though, this Instagram incident probably extinguished any hope he had.

Chris Brown Stalker Women Instagram Rant
Chris Brown and Rihanna together as friends at an NBA game in 2012. [Image by Alex Gallardo/AP Images]

It is also not going to help Brown improve his public image as a father. As the Inquisitr noted earlier this week, Chris Brown has claimed that, after becoming a father in mid-2015, he wants to clean up his act and stop acting like “an a**hole.” Well, this is hardly a step in the right direction, and it is definitely not a great message for Chris’s little girl, Royalty, to hear from her dad.

Other sources, like the Boombox, point out that maybe this was Chris Brown’s idea of a dark joke. Although it’s possible, Brown’s recent heated feud with Soulja boy after he “liked” a picture of another of Brown’s exes on Instagram (there is now a boxing match between Brown and Soulja slated for March) suggests otherwise.

Humor or not, almost everyone in the comments of Brown’s video agree that he sounds like a total psycho. A bit terrifying, though, are the few comments that say things like “love you babe” or “he can stalk the hell out of me.” It seems Chris Brown’s romantic game plan, as crazy and possibly life-threatening may seem, is not a complete failure.

Chris Brown Stalker Women Instagram Rant
Unfortunately, there is no cure for someone succeptible to domestic abuse. [Image by Coehm/iStock]

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