Bill O’Reilly Talks About Donald Trump, Supreme Court, And Neil Gorsuch

Bill O’Reilly started The O’Reilly Factor Tuesday evening right before Donald Trump made his Supreme Court pick announcement.

“The reason that this is so important is because the shape of the country will be decided by the Supreme Court,” O’Reilly said in his introduction, adding that Americans voted for a president based upon knowing that.”

Then, the show turned over to the White House, where Trump introduced his nominee, Judge Neil Gorsuch. When Goruch ended his speech, O’Reilly said that the ceremony was “to the point.” The Fox News host said he didn’t know Gorsuch, but he did sit down with former Justice Antonio Scalia and learned that Gorsuch is very much in the same mindset.

The New York Times gives us more of a hint of the new Supreme Court nominee.

“Mr. Trump’s selection of Judge Gorsuch was nonetheless a bit of a surprise, coming from someone who had campaigned as a Washington outsider. Judge Gorsuch has deep roots in the city and the establishment Mr. Trump often criticized.”

The article adds that Gorsuch is an originalist, meaning he tries to interpret the Constitution consistently with the understanding of those who drafted and adopted it. He is very conservative on many issues.

“He believes he is not in the business of making law, where some of the Supreme Court justices do believe they have a right to improve the law,” O’Reilly continued and said that Gorsuch would rule in a traditional way rather than a progressive way.

O’Reilly said that Trump put the Democrat party in a tough spot with his choice. He then had Fox News guest Brett Bayer to talk about the Gorsuch nomination.

Donald Trump nominates Neil Gorsuch for SCOTUS

“Here is what’s going to happen — There is going to be an effort by the Democrats to filibuster this nomination,” Bayer said, adding that this is because Gorsuch is only 49-years-old, he’s conservative in the mode of Justice Scalia, and he writes exactly like Scalia.

Bill O’Reilly agreed that the Democrats were going to try and stop Gorsuch, but that it won’t work. Bayer said that the vote would come down in March with the confirmation directly after that.

Then, O’Reilly introduced Fox News reporter Shannon Bream, who covered the Supreme Court for five years on Fox News. O’Reilly asked Mrs. Bream if Gorsuch could be smeared, to which Bream answered that her inbox is already filled with angry emails.

“It’s going to be tough [to smear him], but you know the American Bar Association leans to the left. But they gave him a unanimous well-qualified rating, which is the best that you can do,” Bream continued, adding that the Bar will definitely change its tune now that Gorsuch is being considered for the Supreme Court.

Neil Gorsuch is Donald Trump's nominee for SCOTUS

Bill O’Reilly then said that if the left is going to smear Gorsuch, it will be nothing but another nail in the progressive coffin because Americans aren’t going to tolerate that. His next guest, Fox News host Martha MacCallum, agreed. She also noted that the Supreme Court is now divided between those who think the Constitution evolves with the times and those who believe the Constitution should be based on what our founding fathers intended.

Both O’Reilly and MacCallum agreed that Trump may have a good chance to choose another Supreme Court justice in the next four years as well. If this happens, conservatives will rule the Supreme Court, and some recent progressive rulings could be turned back.

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