‘Final Fantasy XV’ DLC Release Dates Revealed, Booster Pack Coming Late February

Square Enix has finally revealed the three upcoming Final Fantasy XV DLC release dates during its Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary event. Kicking off the celebration is the announcement of the Booster Pack coming at the end of the month. Episode: Gladiolus and Episode: Prompto also got a launch date, while Episode: Ignis‘ is yet to be announced.

The first Final Fantasy XV DLC lands on February 21. According to Gematsu, the Booster Pack+ and Booster Pack (Free Version) will give players powerful items, which can be useful to them not only in battles but also in other features of the game.

Among the said items is the Magitek Exosuit that makes the wearer invincible for 30 minutes, but it cannot be used again within 24 hours of equipping it. When not in battle, players may use it to temporarily boost protagonist Noctis’ skills in fishing, one of Final Fantasy XV mini-games.

To give fans an idea how the crew will look with the suit, Square Enix posted an image of the four characters via Final Fantasy XV’s official Twitter account. Fans immediately noticed the suit’s uncanny resemblance to the new Power Rangers costumes from Hollywood.

The #FFXVBoosterPack is coming out on February 21! The “Magitek Exosuit” will give you an exhilarating experience in battles! #FFXV pic.twitter.com/lyCuBjCGB0

— Final Fantasy XV (@FFXVEN) January 31, 2017

Episode: Gladiolus will arrive shortly after on March 28, bringing an entirely new story focusing on a member of Noctis’ gang. Following Gladio’s story, the Final Fantasy XV DLC will bring new actions and the classic villain Gilgamesh who first appeared in Final Fantasy V and other titles in the series thereafter.

VG247 also reports that an undeveloped yet loved side character is joining Gladio in his personal adventure. Fan-favorite Cor Leonis will reportedly make an appearance in the upcoming DLC, although just how much he will be involved is unknown for now.

Not much has been revealed when it came to Episode: Prompto, but we do know that it is coming in June. Like Episode: Gladiolus, it is expected that the DLC will feature the group’s photographer.

The pack and the episodes, including Ignis’ DLC, will be available for Season Pass holders when they come out. No pricing details have been announced, but players can buy the pass for $25. It includes access to a total of six additional content and a multiplayer co-op mode coming in the future.

Apart from these Final Fantasy XV DLC announcements, the event also served as Square Enix’s platform to reveal more FF related details. Those waiting patiently for the Final Fantasy VII Remake got a “key visual” featuring Cloud and Sephiroth. Other than that, no other information was given regarding the anticipated title.

The Final Fantasy XII HD Remaster has also been announced to arrive on July 11 exclusively on PlayStation 4. The remastered version features enhanced background, character and cut scenes graphics plus a few other improvements. The trailer showcasing how much it has improved can be seen below.

Other Final Fantasy-related announcements include a new manga series, a FFXIV escape room, FFVII snow sculptures at the Sapporo Snow Festival and even a fashion line. When it comes to food, there are Chocobo, Moogle and Cactuar-inspired cakes that go for $35 each and some wine that may go up to $1,000.

Furthering Final Fantasy’s relationship with Cup Noodles, Square Enix has also announced a new line of flavors based on the villains of each title in the franchise. Topping it off is a fork with a handle in the shape of a sword’s hilt.

Although the event came with a lot of cool stuff, the fans’ reactions are not really positive. Comparing it to the 20th-anniversary celebration, it simply lacked major details about Square Enix’s plans about the franchise for the next decade.

[Featured Image by Tomohiro Ohsumi/Stringer/Getty Images]