What Happens In Vegas Stays In Vegas! Conor Maynard Goes Nude On Instagram Pic While On A Trip To The World’s Gambling Capital

If Conor Maynard ever felt that he didn’t have enough female fans, now he has more after he went nude with an Instagram pic. This was during a trip to Las Vegas where, with his back to the camera and with all clothes shed off, a picture was taken of him as he looked out the window. Check out the NSFW pic here.

Excited fans then thronged his Instagram page after the picture had gone live with some even inserting love heart-eyed emojis alongside their comments.

Others were forthright that they wanted to see him face the camera without putting on some clothes. There were, of course, the party poopers who were clearly not impressed by the nude pic going by their comments. One of them, for instance, urged the “R U Crazy” singer to put on some clothes.

Conor Maynard goes nude on Instagram pic
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As a prelude to the Conor Maynard nude on Instagram, the singer-songwriter had earlier posted a less-revealing photo of him in bed. In the background of him lying on the bed with puffy eyes, a guitar could be seen in the background. The pic’s caption indicated Conor was staying at a certain Sir Adam Hotel.


All nudes and no work makes Conor a dull boy

Besides going nude with Instagram pics, Conor has been hard at work in the studio writing songs for Liam Payne who is rumored to be planning on releasing his solo album this year. This has been highly anticipated by fans of the One Direction star who is reportedly working with some of the biggest names in his recording efforts. The 23-year-old is reportedly recording the music for his first solo album in Los Angeles with Republic Records. This was a big blow to Simon Cowell, the record label that Liam Payne had previously been signed to.

“We have had sessions where we wrote stuff that can go to Liam for his album, because every now and then we do a session that won’t be for me, it will be for someone else and Liam Payne is someone we have wanted to write for,” Conor said in an interview regarding his potential partnership with Liam.

Conor Maynard goes nude on Instagram pic
[Image by John Phillips/Getty Images]

The prolific singer has also admitted that he would like to write a song for Victoria and David Beckham’s youngest son, Cruz Beckham. This came after he heard the 11-year-old sing a charity song which was titled “If Every Day Was Christmas” last month and he was very impressed with the boy’s talent.

Recently, Conor also collaborated with Craig David on the song “Talking About.”

“We went to Miami to shoot the video and we were riding around in his Lamborghini. He’d recorded his first album in his garage and I asked whether he knew it was going to sell so well. He said he just had this feeling,” Conor said.

Kicking off the year on a high note (and a loud beat)

Conor started the year on a high note with a performance at Iris Dubai where he had an open-air acoustic performance. The singer and songwriter, who is most famous for his YouTube covers, sang a mix of Zayn Malik, Rihanna, Justin Bieber, and Drake. Conor’s fans were also treated to his own hits such as “R U Crazy?,” “Can’t Say No,” “Turn Around,” and “Animal.”

Interestingly, when Conor recorded his new single “Are You Sure?” he didn’t get to meet Ty Dolla Sign despite the fact that he was one of the collaborators. Conor is a great fan of Ty Dolla Sign and admits to having the musician’s whole album on his phone but is yet to meet him. He, however, flew to Amsterdam to record with Kriss Kross Amsterdam.

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