Kit Harington Reveals Deep Dark Secret About How He Lost His Virginity

Kit Harington recently disclosed some juicy details about his sexual past. The actor revealed one of his deep dark secrets, particularly about how he lost his virginity.

Harington was speaking about his past experiences during an interview with Elle Magazine. The Game Of Thrones actor revealed that he feels as if he lost his virginity while he was too young. He also claimed that his first time was a terrible experience for him. Kit talked about his experiences in real life as well as while acting.

“My first time was a little less left-field than in a cave. It was a typical sort of teenage thing, at a party. I was probably too young,” Harrington told Elle Magazine jokingly.


Uncovering the truth about Kit’s sexual past

Kit further explained that his first sexual encounter was more about getting rid of the virginity. The actor did not reveal the actual age at which it happened. However, the interviewer tossed out a guess at “13-years-old” but Kit said the guess was not so far off. While it might not be so scandalous now, it is nice to see that it did not leave any emotional scarring.

Harington’s lineage made a key contribution to modern society

Kit also revealed that he has a distant ancestor who was called John just like his Game Of Thrones character. He said to Elle Magazine that the ancestor invented the flushing toilet for Queen Elizabeth I in 1596. The actor continued with the claim, adding that the modern toilet was even named after his ancestor whose full name was John Harington, thus explaining why the toilet got the name “the john.”

“I’m glad it’s not called ‘the Harington.’My family also wrote the queen a lot of bad poetry. I’ve inherited the bad poetry genes, but not the inventor genes,” Harrington joked.

The Game Of Thrones actor also talked about his acting career a bit especially about his role as Joh Snow. He stated that John Snow’s character is that of the moral, heroic, and sincere boy. He added that this played a big part towards helping him get similar roles though he feels that they have become too much. This was perhaps an indicator that he has been seeking to try out different characters. We doubt that his charming good looks would be a good match for the character of a villain.


The 30-year-old also revealed that he is interested in comedy, though he strictly pointed out that it is not the romantic type of comedies because he is not a romantic comedy type of person. Sorry ladies. Speaking of Romance, Kit has been dating fellow Game Of Thrones Actress Rose Leslie who ironically play’s John Snow’s love interest in the hit TV show. Leslie’s character in GOT is called Ygritte and she also happens to be the one who took away John Snow’s virginity.

It is quite fascinating that Harington and Leslie have a strong off-screen romance though it is not the first relationship where on-screen romances have developed into real life relationships. Kit also made a joke about Sesame Street and revealed that he has been a fan of the show since he was young. He made sure that he had fun during the Elle Magazine interview even though some of the questions thrown at him were somewhat unconventional. Luckily, he took the like a champ and managed to make an interesting interview for the February edition of the magazine. It was most likely the most revealing interview that Kit has ever been in, especially because of the part about losing his virginity at a tender age.

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