‘The Division’ 1.6: More Dark Zone, Legendary Missions, Exotic Weapons And Microtransactions Introduced As Patch Prepares To Go Live

Ubisoft Massive’s The Division had all the potential to be a runaway hit. Based on the universe established by acclaimed thriller author Tom Clancy, The Division had an excellent premise and a pretty solid developer behind its back. The game launched with much fanfare, though its reputation was quickly marred by bugs and the inconsistent quality of its updates. With The Division 1.6 being the sixth major update to the game, fans of the first person shooter are eagerly awaiting the patch’s full rollout.

The release date for The Division 1.6 has been scheduled to coincide with the rollout of the game’s latest DLC, dubbed The Division Expansion III: The Last Stand, according to the game’s official blog. Update 1.6 would be free for all owners of the game across the Xbox, PlayStation, and PC platforms, and is now being actively tested by the game’s community. With the test phase seemingly ending, it appears that The Division 1.6 would be live very soon. With this in mind, here are the most important features to expect from the upcoming major patch.

Dark Zone North

The Dark Zone is one of the game’s most controversial areas, with its initial rollout receiving some notable backlash among the game’s active players. Despite this, and despite the controversy that surrounded its initial release, Ubisoft Massive is set to expand the Dark Zone with The Division Update 1.6. Dubbed the Dark Zone North, the upcoming patch would essentially double The Dark Zone’s initial multiplayer area.

'Tom Clancy's The Division' is set to receive its sixth major patch with Update 1.6.
[Image by Ubisoft Massive]

What’s particularly interesting about the Dark Zone North is that players would not be limited to street level battles only. With The Division Update 1.6, gamers would be able to take their skirmishes against players and enemy A.I. to underground and rooftop spaces. Being an expansion of the initial Dark Zone, the Dark Zone North is widely speculated to hold the best gears in the game.

Legendary Missions

Over the course of The Division‘s updates, numerous players and longtime FPS gamers have lamented that the game in itself tends to get pretty boring after a while. Bad bugs aside, it would not be an understatement at all to state that the game’s enemy A.I. could be underwhelming at times. With this in mind, Ubisoft Massive is set to introduce the Legendary Difficulty for some of the game’s missions. With this difficulty being introduced, The Division 1.6 would most certainly make the game far more compelling than before.

Areas that are set to support the game’s Legendary Difficulty would be Times Square, WarrenGate Power Plant, and the Napalm Production Site. With this particular difficulty activated, enemy A.I. would be a lot smarter and more strategic, with some opponents being equipped with unique skills as well. Considering this, enemies in The Division 1.6 would be far more challenging than before.

[Image by Ubisoft Massive]

Exotic Weapons And Microtransactions

The Division 1.6 would tweak the concept of Named Weapons in the game. With the update’s rollout, The Division 1.6 would be introducing the concept of Exotic caches, Exotic Weapon Sets, and Unique Talents for Exotic Weapons, according to a Gotta Be Mobile report. These special items, of course, could range from giving players game-changing power to simple vanity items.

One particular change that has been received pretty coldly by fans with regards to The Division 1.6 is the introduction of microtransactions to the game. The upcoming patch would start utilizing Premium Credits, with additional weapon skins, emotes, and other cosmetic items being reserved only for players who are willing to dish out some extra cash. Unsurprisingly, this has disappointed numerous fans of the game, especially those which had stuck with the title since its turbulent first patches.

The Division 1.6 is coming soon, and while Ubisoft Massive has not announced the official rollout date for the highly-anticipated patch, active players of the game are eagerly awaiting the introduction of the game’s upcoming features. Save for the microtransactions, it appears that The Division 1.6 update would be one of the game’s best patches to date.

[Featured Image by Ubisoft Massive]