Johnny Depp Gets Retaliation From Former Business Managers The Star Is Suing

Johnny Depp has experienced a tumultuous few months since his now ex-wife Amber Heard filed for divorce and accused him of domestic abuse against her. Since this point in May of 2016, the former couple endured a very public and dramatic divorce with low blows delivered right up until the day the divorce was finalized earlier this month. Just to throw more salt in the wound, Forbes then named Depp the most overpaid actor of the year and despite being so reportedly overpaid, the Pirates of the Caribbean actor is now experiencing money troubles.

More news about the star revealed earlier this month that Depp is suing his former management team who handled the actor’s financials for 17 years of his career. The January 13 complaint by Depp states that TMG is guilty of “gross mismanagement and sometimes outright fraud.” The filing also accuses TMG of paying itself over $28 million in contingency fees without a written agreement and also failed to pay Johnny’s taxes by the deadlines, which led to large penalties against him. Additionally the filings claim that TMG loaned large sums to third parties without the actor’s consent.

A cross-complaint has since been filed by TMG which among other accusations states that Johnny Depp’s vices and unwise spending habits were not theirs to control. The filing also reminds that it was as far back as 2015 that Johnny Depp was made aware by TMG of his financial issues. Deadline relays the words from the TMG filings by their legal team in the suit, Michael Kump and Suann Macisaac of Kinsella Weitzman Iser Kump & Aldisert LLP.

“TMG did everything within its power over the last 17 years to protect Depp from himself and to keep Depp financially solvent”However, ultimately TMG did not have the power or ability to control Depp’s spending or his numerous other vices, or to force Depp to make wiser financial decisions.”

Shortly after the agreement between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard was reached back in August of last year, rumors did begin to swirl that the Black Mass star had some financial troubles. He began selling a few of his investment condos and has since put his French chateau on the market where he and Vanessa Paradis raised their two children. TMG’s legal team unveils a few of the actor’s dark secrets insisting that the company informed Depp that he was “living beyond his means,” and pleaded with him to sell certain assets that were not essentials and to also cut his spending to be able to “repay loans and pay taxes and living expenses.”

Reportedly Johnny Depp was aware of his financial issues as far back as October 2015 and sent a text at the time with an attitude that suggested he was ready to figure out how to move forward and rectify the situation and financial disaster that was now a force in his life. Deadline notes these texts which TMG dug up in response to Depp’s recent filings.

“I am ready to face the music, in whatever way I must, I know there’s a way to dig ourselves out of this hole and I am bound and determined to do it.”

To say Depp has been living lavishly is an understatement seeing as he has owned a total of 14 residences around the globe and 42 cars as well as an art collection that boasts 200 extremely expensive pieces. The star has also footed the bill for his entourage at a price tag of $10 million a year and spends millions on his music label.

Based on these claims by TMG, Depp was aware of his financial issues years ago, but there are always two sides to every story.

[Featured Image by Christopher Polk/Getty Images for People’s Choice Awards]