Trump’s White House Phone Numbers Leaked Online: Kellyanne Conway’s 202 Area Code Phone Number Exposed

The phone numbers to reach folks directly in the White House inhabited by President Donald Trump and his administration have been leaked online.


As reported by Raw Story, the 16 numbers with 202 area codes lead directly to White House staffers; potentially ones like Kellyanne Conway and others in the White House. As reported by Gothamist, one of the leaked phone numbers takes callers directly to the voicemail of Conway. Therefore, that’s a phone’s voicemail box that is likely filling up quickly with messages from folks who want to give Kellyanne and other White House personnel a piece of their minds.

They are phone numbers that have not been disconnected yet, as of this writing. The thought of calling the White House directly and perhaps having Steve Bannon answer his direct phone line is likely a tempting thought for those who are using the 202 area code phone numbers to call the White House directly.


The Gothamist report about the White House’s leaked phone numbers urged others to “call the White House before they unplug all the phones.” However, those who are planning to call the White House and leave any kind of threatening messages might want to think twice about doing so. Calls to the White House very likely can be traced, even without caller ID or by using other methods of blocking numbers. And threats against federal employees or officials could result in criminal charges for the person making the threats.

According to Trendolizer, the article from Gothamist with the leaked White House phone numbers is a popular one. It has surged to enjoy 14,000 Facebook likes as of this writing, as seen in the trend graph of the article’s popularity.


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The publication reported that the absence of as a feedback mechanism is one of the reasons that the White House phone numbers were leaked online. The website with phone numbers to the White House is called the “White House Comment Line,” and contains a lot more White House phone numbers than the 16 phone numbers to the White House that are reportedly still active.

The White House leaked phone numbers were leaked by an anonymous group that apparently wanted the White House to get a lot of phone calls. They didn’t leak White House phone numbers related to national security.

According to the “White House Comment Line” website, the leak of the White House phone numbers happened because they believe “open communication is the cornerstone of a good democracy.” They went on to explain exactly why the group leaked the phone numbers to the White House.

“In his inaugural address, Donald Trump said that all people would be heard under his administration. ‘The forgotten men and women of our country will be forgotten no longer,’ he proclaimed. ‘Everyone is listening to you now.’ While Trump’s staff is still learning how to use their computers, our intention is to help them fulfill his promise of transparency by providing the people with an additional way to be heard. This website is in no way affiliated with the White House, Donald Trump, or the United States government.”

As seen in the top photo above, President Trump mounted the stage on Sunday, January 22. Mr. Trump was in the White House in the East Room and took the stage once more after embracing his newly sworn-in adviser, Kellyanne Conway.

Searching Twitter for posts from folks who’ve published “I called the White House” turns up some responses. Doing the same on Facebook turns up the following response.

Don Mersel shared a link to the group Bernie Sanders for President 2020 “I am livid. I called the White House to Thank Donald J. Trump I emailed them a very strong message of support. Now Sheila Sue-Noguchi tells us that he went back on his promise to lower drug prices. This is the one area other than the Flush the TPP where he struck a chord. Mr. Trump — You are completely nuts. #nevertrump #impeachtrump #trumpiscrazy. Donald Mersel

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