CNN’s Anderson Cooper Can’t Stop Laughing Hysterically At Kellyanne Conway’s ‘Alternative Facts’ In Spoof Video

A spoof video began trending on Google News in the past 24 hours that shows CNN’s Anderson Cooper laughing uncontrollably at Donald Trump’s Counselor to the President Kellyanne Conway. In the spoof video, both spar over “alternative facts,” and Cooper can’t contain himself over Kelly’s characterization.

Again, it’s important to note that the Anderson Cooper-Kellyanne Conway video is a parody and is meant for entertainment only.

A telltale sign that the video of normally mild-mannered Anderson laughing at Conway is a parody is the NBC News logo in the bottom right corner. Cooper is a CNN host.


Kellyanne’s actual interview was with Chuck Todd on Jan. 22 during a Meet the Press interview, according to PolitiFact. There, she tried to make light of White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer’s flub during his first presser when he agreed with Trump’s claim of his inauguration crowd size.

The maker of the video attempts to poke fun at Conway and the Trump Administration’s use of “alternative facts.” Kellyanne used the phrase during an interview in her characterization of Millennials. She describes them as Bernie Sanders supporters who are still bitter after the loss of the election. Conway became the target of social media memes, and it was only a matter of time before a parody made it to YouTube.

Anderson and Kellyanne have a history of locking horns during live television interviews. Back in October, Cooper and Conway faced off during a segment over Hillary Clinton’s tracking poll numbers.

Cooper accused Trump’s campaign of trying to use propaganda to depress the Democratic poll turnout by suggesting Clinton was doing badly in the polls and had no chance at winning the general election.

The basis of Kellyanne’s argument was Clinton, despite having major endorsements, more campaign funds, and the support from a popular sitting president, only had a 46 percent sign of confidence from potential voters.

“I think Hillary Clinton’s been depressing Democratic turnout. My goodness. Why is this woman at 46 percent? She’s like the magic 46. She’s 46 in the new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll. She’s 46 percent in a lot of these swing states.”

Anderson, in a smart-alecky manner, retorts by saying Clinton was ahead of Trump.

“Is that a question? Well, you’re saying 46 percent is bad, but 37 percent is worse.”

More recently, the CNN host and Counselor to President Trump went back and forth over claims the then-President-elect and his campaign team misrepresented a report about a secret dossier from a Russian operative.

Stuck in the middle of the battle between Anderson Cooper and Kellyanne Conway was the media site, BuzzFeed. The site reportedly published a memo about Trump and President Barack Obama’s briefing about Russia’s compromise before the document went public.


The intelligence community was notified, as well as federal prosecutors. However, sources said the claims were unsubstantiated and not enough credible information was available to allege criminal activity on the part of the Russians, according to the Washington Post.

Trump and Conway admonished CNN‘s reporting as a transgression of journalism ethics due to a lack of vetting. However, Cooper, Jim Sciutto, and other colleagues insisted that they did not link to the BF story. Anderson didn’t relent in his attack.

“CNN is not BuzzFeed—I just wish you guys would acknowledge and just be straightforward. I get why politically it makes sense for you to link CNN with what BuzzFeed did.”

At one point, Anderson Cooper tried to align with Kellyanne Conway by empathizing over the campaign’s anger with BF’s premature publication of the document. Still, Conway maintained her indictment of the media and said the country is at a tipping point over the rules of credible journalism.

“The fact is that the media have a 16 percent approval rating for a reason. It’s been earned. And it’s crap like this that really undergirds why Donald Trump won. In fact, you’re doing him a favor again. This was an anti-elitist election. It was rejection of everybody who thinks they know better than people.”

Politics aside, what do you think about the Anderson Cooper and Kellyanne Conway video? Were you fooled like scores of other viewers in thinking it was the real deal?

[Featured Image by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images for Anderson Live]