‘Love And Hip Hop New York’ Season 7 Reunion Will Be Crazy, Mariahlynn Still Hates Rich Dollaz The Most

Mariahlynn from Love and Hip Hop New York was a recent guest on the Domenick Nati Show. The “Physical” rapper dished on her least favorite person on the show, which everyone knows is Rich Dollaz. She also teased about the upcoming Season 7 reunion, which is going to be pretty crazy.

When it comes to Major Galore, Mariahlynn said right now everything is going fine. The two Gwinin artists had a major beef early on in Season 7 when Galore signed to the label first and began calling herself the first lady. She and Mariahlynn went back and forth for a few weeks on the VH1 reality show and finally settled their differences in a showcase that was attended by Creep Squad members DJ Self, Peter Gunz, and Rich Dollaz. According to Mariahlynn, as long as Major Galore stays in her lane, the two women won’t have any trouble.

When asked if they fight at the LHHNY Season 7 reunion, Mariahlynn won’t give an answer. She said to see what happens at the reunion and that it was “insane” and “over the top.”

“I’ve never seen a reunion like this since Joseline and Stevie went nuts on stage.”

When asked if there would be fireworks at the upcoming Love and Hip Hop New York Season 7 reunion show, she corrected Domenick Nati and said, “Not fireworks… Canons!”

Now we already knew that Yandy and her friends got a little carried away on at the reunion show taping. As the Inquisitr previously reported, Samantha Wallace might actually refuse to be on the VH1 reality show anymore after the reunion show beat-down she received when someone from the audience (rumored to be Yandy’s cousin) got involved in an on-stage fight and left her with bruises. By the way Mariahlynn was talking, it sounds like she and Major Galore might come to blows as well.

When it comes to Rich Dollaz, Mariahlynn hasn’t stopped hating her former LHHNY fling. Nati asked Mariahlynn who her least favorite cast member from any of the casts was and without hesitation, she said that Rich is her least favorite person ever. Just to prove how much she doesn’t like Dollaz, Mariahlynn said that while Charlamagne Tha God has a “donkey of the day,” Rich Dollaz is her donkey of the year.

Mariahlynn admitted that she is seeing someone new and hopefully not someone from Love and Hip Hop New York since she’s already dated Rich Dollaz and Cisco Rosado. She told Domenick that her new boo is also a recording artist and that they’re taking it slow. No, Mariahlynn didn’t want to give up the name of her new man. She said that it’s too early in the relationship and she wants to make sure he’s not just using her for a come-up.

One thing is for sure: it’s not Bobby Schmurda. As a matter of fact, when Nati asked her jokingly if that was her new man, Mariahlynn didn’t know who he was. She did disclose that he’s an up-and-coming performing artist from New York City, so feel free to leave your guesses in the comments section.

As Love and Hip Hop New York Season 7 winds to a close, everyone wants to know how the reunion show is going to go. So we know there will be epic fighting between Yandy, Samantha, and Erika. There also very possibly will be a fight between Mariahlynn and Major Galore. Not to mention we get more drama with Amina Buddafly, who recently told the Domenick Nati Show that she is not ready to divorce Peter Gunz yet even though he declared his undying love for Tara Wallace.

Be sure to tune in to VH1 on Mondays at 8/7c to catch the end of Love and Hip Hop New York Season 7.

[Featured Image by Mariahlynn/Instagram]