Nick Viall’s Fiancee Worried She Made A ‘Mistake,’ Her Family Allegedly Has ‘Concerns’ Over ‘Bachelor’ Engagement [Report]

Nick Viall’s fiancee is reportedly worried that she made a “mistake” and her family is having “concerns” about The Bachelor engagement.

A source described as being close to the show tells In Touch magazine that Nick’s fiancee is having regrets about accepting his proposal. She now feels that she made a “mistake” and her family is also worried. The Bachelor 2017 winner puts a lot of weight into what her family thinks, and it hasn’t exactly been smooth sailing lately.

“Their opinions are important to her. Hearing their negative feedback has been really hard. At this point, she isn’t sure she can move forward with marrying someone like Nick.”

With The Bachelor currently airing, it’s been difficult for Nick Viall’s fiancee to watch him on-screen with the other women. The insider says that the winner “started to cry” and was “hurt” by Nick’s behavior. His “playboy” conduct didn’t sit well with her.

Nick Viall's Fiancee Thinks She Made A 'Mistake'
The Bachelor 2017 cast. [Image by Rick Rowell/ABC]

“Nick is always very sweet and loving toward the winner in private, but she’s starting to see how much of a playboy he is, thanks to the show. She’s starting to think that maybe she made a huge mistake. She’s having second thoughts about spending the rest of her life with him.”

It wasn’t revealed exactly which scenes on The Bachelor that Nick Viall’s fiancee was disturbed about, but it’s safe to assume much of it has to do with Corinne Olympios — this season’s proverbial villain. Moreover, there were some tense moments between Nick and Liz Sandoz that centered around their one-night stand early last year during Jade and Tanner’s wedding.

Nick Viall’s appetite for sex was known way in advance of The Bachelor 2017 filming, however. He lost twice to love on The Bachelorette when he was the runner-up for Kaitlyn Bristowe and Andi Dorfman. He was on Season 3 of Bachelor in Paradise before he was pegged to be The Bachelor for this season. In spite of all this, the source reveals that Nick Viall’s fiancee was warned by the other women that he was trying to sleep with all them, but she didn’t want to believe it.

“The winner had heard from other girls in the house that Nick was trying to sleep with all of them, but she always brushed it off as them just being dramatic. But after having watched these first few episodes, she’s starting to think these girls weren’t exaggerating. Watching the show each week gets harder and harder for the winner because his behavior gets shadier and shadier.”

Will Nick Viall and his fiancee make it after the show? Several Bachelor spoilers have dished who Nick picks in the end and how things have played out after the show.

[Warning: Bachelor spoilers revealed below]

According to Reality Steve, Nick and The Bachelor 2017 winner are having difficulties, and he doesn’t foresee the couple making over the long haul. Apparently, Viall is obsessed with establishing a Hollywood career and agreeing to be on the show had more to do with chasing that dream than finding a wife.

Vanessa Grimaldi is the contestant Reality Steve claims Nick chooses in the end as his fiancee. In a podcast he posted a few weeks ago, Steve alleged that things aren’t going great for the couple — with one of their main issues being about where to live. Vanessa is a special needs teacher in Montreal and has deep roots there. Nick isn’t willing to leave Los Angeles, so that’s going to leave them with quite a predicament.

Nick Viall's Fiancee Thinks She Made A 'Mistake'
Vanessa Grimaldi of The Bachelor. [Image by Mitch Haaseth/ABC]

Nick Viall and his fiancee got engaged in mid-November, so the couple have contended with getting to know each other more while doing so in secret as The Bachelor 2017 airs. It’ll be interesting to see how things are going for them when After the Final Rose is broadcast.

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