Jax Taylor Single Again: Rumors Fly That ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Star And Brittany Cartwright Broke Up

Jax Taylor has been with several women through the five seasons of Vanderpump Rules. He met Kentucky-born Brittany Cartwright, and it was something that couldn’t be explained. The two have been dating just shy of two years, though if you ask Taylor, he would consider it only one year. He moved her from Kentucky to California, bought her boobs, and got her a job serving at SUR. Many would call that serious, especially for someone like Jax Taylor.

Rumors have been circulating that the two have been having some relationship issues, especially after the way Jax Taylor acted when Brittany Cartwright’s mom was in town. While Vanderpump Rules is taped several months in advance, it appeared some of those things had lasting effects. According to All About the Tea, Jax Taylor did not spend time with Brittany Cartwright for her birthday. The girls were all in Las Vegas, partying for her birthday celebration and Taylor was attending a hockey game. It was shown that he sent her flowers, but it is odd that they were not together.

Last week, Jax Taylor appeared on Watch What Happens Live after the Vanderpump Rules episode of his birthday and roast aired. He was seated next to Jerry O’Connell, and between him and Andy Cohen, Taylor wasn’t getting off easy at all. In fact, he was asked whether or not he intended to marry Brittany Cartwright. Jax answered that they had only been dating one year (they have actually been dating nearly two), so as of right now the answer was no, but he didn’t rule it out in the future. There is a 10-year age difference between the two, which was also mentioned when talking about whether there were wedding bells possible in the future.

If you have followed Jax Taylor, you will know his relationship with Brittany Cartwright is definitely one of the most functional ones he has had. Stassi Schroeder was the one everyone thought he would end up with, especially during Season 3 when he broke down and admitted everything he did to screw things up. Fast forward to now, and he is almost two years into a life with Cartwright.

Vanderpump Rules seems to always catch Taylor in some of his off-putting moments, which included the way he treated Brittany’s mom, Sherri Cartwright. To be fair, she was hounding him about the homosexual encounter he reportedly had and he was uncomfortable having to answer her over and over again. Twitter jumped to his defense and declared Sherri homophobic despite the Vanderpump Rules cast saying she was not.

Right now, it is unclear whether Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright are together or have split up. Some fans think her birthday celebration was a girls-only event, and others think she went out of town to get away from a painful situation. Cartwright appeared to have a great time in Las Vegas, sharing several photos on social media of her celebration. Taylor also seemed to be having a good time with his hockey thing, sharing photos of that as well. The two live together, so maybe a little break was something they both needed. It seems that if they were to have split, things would be more public.

Vanderpump Rules is currently airing Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright fighting about her mom and the questions she had. The roast brought up a lot of things that had Sherri Cartwright worried for her daughter. Aside from the homosexual jokes made by Tom Sandoval, the cheating comments were also something Cartwright’s mom was concerned about. Things may not be awesome between Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright, but it appears they still may be together despite rumors they have broken up.

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