January 17, 2017
Dorit Kemsley Calls Out Lisa Rinna And Eileen Davidson For 'Going After People,' Dragging Out 'Pantygate'

Dorit Kemsley arrived on the scene of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills ready to rumble. She isn't going to take anything from anyone, and that includes Lisa Rinna and Eileen Davidson. The two soap actresses have really put heat on Kemsley during the last few episodes, and she is feeling a little bit like she was ganged up on. It seems there is always conflict when those two are around, and since Dorit has inserted herself into the cast via Lisa Vanderpump, there is definitely going to be some opposition from Rinna and Davidson.

All was well when Dorit Kemsley arrived on the scene, and it was rather peaceful for all of one episode of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Then, "pantygate" happened. Erika Girardi reportedly flashed her goods to Kemsley's husband, PK, without even knowing it. Upon finding out about it, she decided to get Girardi panties as a gag gift. Kemsley decided to gift Erika in front of all of the ladies, including Lisa Rinna and Eileen Davidson. After that, it was downhill.

Fans who have watched the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills know that once Lisa Rinna and Eileen Davidson are involved in something, it remains the topic of conversation for several weeks. According to All About the Tea, Dorit Kemsley has pegged the soap duo as people who like to gang up on others. This has been talked about by Lisa Vanderpump before as she has been dealing with Rinna and Davidson for two seasons. Kemsley has said she would not be bullied or be talked down to, which is what she has insinuated they do. Game night saw the duo confront the newbie housewife over "pantygate" for the fourth or fifth time already. Dorit was unimpressed and took to her blog to reiterate there was no hostile intent behind the panty gift.

Tensions are running high, and the addition of Dorit Kemsley has seemingly irked the nerves of some of the other cast members. Since Lisa Vanderpump brought her and her husband, PK, on board, there is a lot they know about previous seasons and interactions from the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Kemsley commented on Lisa Rinna and Eileen Davidson's behavior toward Vanderpump last season and went so far as to ask if it had to do with their experience of losing a parent around the time they were having issues. It was brought up with Rinna around, who then went to Davidson to tell her what PK and Dorit had said. Fans have commented on the amount of gossip swirling this season coupled with Eden Sassoon and her overstepping the lines with Kyle Richards, and it is definitely a different vibe.

A new episode of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills will air tonight, and it is going to be intense. Kyle Richards will be having an awkward conversation with Eden Sassoon, and Dorit Kemsley will be battling Lisa Rinna and Eileen Davidson. Game night hasn't treated the women of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills well over the years, and next year, it may be booted from the tradition list. Kemsley is feisty and ready to hold her own against the women she loosely called bullies. There is a clear division in the cast, with the majority falling in line with Rinna and Davidson. Richards seems to be caught in the middle, and she was taken aback when Dorit loosely blamed her for not stepping in before she bought the panties that began "pantygate." Seeing the women interact harshly isn't shocking, but some of the things they say about one another can be surprising. Dorit Kemsley is a force to be reckoned with, and she isn't going to back down from anyone.

[Featured Image by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]