Marlon Wayans Says Trump’s Presidency Makes For ‘A Wonderful Four Years For Comedy’

Marlon Wayans is certainly no Trump supporter, but he does admit that having Donald Trump in the White House will make it “a wonderful four years for comedy,” according to TMZ.

When asked his opinion on Donald Trump and Republicans in general, Wayans initially surprised TMZ by admitting that George Bush Jr. and Trump are his favorite living Republicans. He then went on to clarify that these two men prove that “anybody can be f***ing President”

Marlon Wayans is an actor who has regularly featured in movies that parody well-known horror films like The Haunting, Amityville Horror, House on Haunted Hill, and Hannibal. The Scary Movie film series, White Chicks, and A Haunted House are some of the parody movies that have established Wayans as a comedian.

Marlon Wayans might have worked as a comedian in most of his films, but he has also played serious characters in movies like Requiem for a Dream and G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra. In 2016, the actor and comedian tried his hand at film production when he produced Fifty Shades of Black, a movie that parodied Fifty Shades of Grey.

Now, Marlon Wayans has reportedly made a bold move to play a unique role in a new Netflix film that depicts him as a naked man who gets stuck in a time loop on his wedding day.

Marlon Wayans’s character is shown as a child-like man who wakes up in an elevator to find that he is not wearing any clothes. Deadline reports that Wayans will be working along with actress Regina Hall in Naked, the upcoming Netflix movie that is a remake of 2000 Swedish movie titled as Naken. According to Deadline, Marlon Wayans revealed that he feels confident about the success of Naked because his movies have received good reviews from Netflix users.

“The response I’ve gotten from fans worldwide to my films on Netflix has been overwhelming, and I’m thrilled to be working with them on an original film. Also, I’m excited to be working with Regina again.”

Marlon Wayans and Regina Hall have previously worked together in the Scary Movie film series. The Dance Flick actor will co-produce the film alongside Rick Alvarez, with whom he has earlier produced movies like White Chicks and The Little Man.

The film is due to be released this year, and filming is well underway. Recently, the filming took place in Charleston where a major street was blocked for one hour because a scene from Marlon Wayans’s Naked was being filmed on the location. The scene involved a character being hit by a car outside a restaurant, and the filmmakers have shown their appreciation for the residents of Charleston who did not complain about the inconvenience caused due to the shooting. According to the Charleston City Paper, Naked‘s production unit wrote a letter of thanks to all the residents who cooperated with the film crew despite the inconvenience caused to them.

“We greatly appreciate your time and willingness to help with this endeavor. We’re very excited to feature the beauty of Charleston in our movie.”

Marlon Wayans not only thanked Charleston residents but also appreciated the city and the good food that it had to offer, admitting that he was so impressed by the cuisine that he took a break from his fitness regime to satisfy his inner foodie. Since Marlon Wayans was stationed in South Carolina, he took the opportunity to stage a stand-up comedy performance at Columbia’s The Comedy House in the midst of his hectic film schedule.

Marlon Wayans is also a producer of Marlon, an NBC sitcom that is loosely based on his own life, and plays the role of a father who shares the responsibility of co-parenting his kids along with his former wife. According to The State, Marlon Wayans revealed that his parenting style is different from other fathers as he encourages his children to be tough and fight people who harass them.

“My take on life and my take on kids is different than normal parents. For bullies, normal parents say, ‘Walk away.’ I say, ‘Stand up and fight. Sometimes you gotta choke the other kid out, baby girl.'”

[Featured Image by Earl Gibson III/Getty Images]