Caroline Stanbury Finances: ‘Ladies Of London’ Loving Dubai, Not Returning To London?

Caroline Stanbury decided to support her husband and move to Dubai after he got a job offer before she started filming this current season of Ladies of London. After accepting the job offer, Caroline and her husband started the process of moving to Dubai, including finding a home, finding schools for her children, and shutting down any outstanding business deals Stanbury had in the works. She has been living there for several months now, and her life looks fabulous. And it sounds like she doesn’t have any regrets about moving to Dubai, as she’s been busy launching her brand new furniture business.

According to a new tweet, Caroline Stanbury is now revealing that she’s loving Dubai and doesn’t have any regrets about relocating, even if it means she can’t film Ladies of London anymore. And it sounds like Stanbury loves Dubai because of the warm weather, the sunshine, the beautiful city, and her new friends. Stanbury certainly seems happy to have surrounded herself with people who are not pulling the energy out of her.

“Words to live by,” read a quote that Caroline Stanbury posted on Twitter, sharing her own statement that read, “Stick with the people who pull the magic out of you and not the madness.”

“How are you doing in Dubai??” one person asked Caroline Stanbury who has been living in Dubai for several months now, to which Stanbury replied, “So love it here… sun sun sun and people so lovely.”

Stanbury has been the subject of rumors for quite some time, and she has some theories about her Ladies of London co-stars. She believes that some of her co-stars were spreading the rumors. Marissa Hermer has revealed that she’s not the one who has spread rumors about Caroline Stanbury and her failed business.

“I don’t care. It’s uninteresting to me,” Marissa Hermer revealed to Bravo about the rumors that Caroline Stanbury moved to Dubai to escape some legal problems that surfaced in relation to investors and shutting down The Gift Library. “Frankly, there are so many rumors about Caroline Stanbury in London that if I was going to spread one, her changing her zip code is pretty low on the list of salacious rumors about her.”

Some of her Ladies of London co-stars were shocked to hear that Stanbury felt attacked by them as the rumors kept spreading. In fact, the only one who kept talking about the rumors were Caroline Stanbury’s makeup artist and friend Luke. He brought up the rumors to Caroline and planted the seed that her Ladies of London co-stars were talking about her.

“I think she made up in her head that I started these rumors because she hadn’t heard from me in a while. Basically, I was on bed rest, and I wasn’t communicating with her as much. She decided or made up that I had started these rumors,” Marissa explained to Bravo, adding, “She was so paranoid about why any of these rumors were there. Who knows? I don’t care.”

“I speak to Luke a lot, and I said, ‘By the way, is Caroline doing OK?’ And somehow, that maybe got translated to Marissa talking about why you’re moving. I’m never going to show concern again,” Hermer revealed to Bravo, sharing that she never thought that Caroline Stanbury was moving because of financial troubles.

What do you think of Caroline Stanbury’s tweet that she loves Dubai? Do you think she would come back to London to film an upcoming season of Ladies of London so she can keep her role on the show?

[Featured Image by Danny Martindale/Getty Images]