Grant Chisholm: 39-Year-Old Trump Supporter Knocked Unconscious With Metal Object [Video]

Grant Chisholm is a 39-year-old supporter of President Donald Trump who is making big news on Tuesday, January 31. As seen in the following video, Chisholm was one of the people counter protesting the protesters of Trump’s immigration ban at Portland’s Airport in Oregon. The video shows how heated the situation became with Grant being struck at around the six-minute mark in the below video.

Warning: The video contains offensive language and shows Chisholm being hit, which might be disturbing for some viewers.

As reported by the Daily Mail, Grant said he was hit three times; not just by a fist, but also by some sort of metallic object. Chisholm said it was an anti-Trump person who hit him. Grant, who belongs to the Bible Believers Group, can be seen falling to the ground as others surround and protect Chisholm from any more blows. There is also talk of an ambulance being called. At first, Grant doesn’t appear to move, but then he can be seen moving on the ground. With about 600 people at the airport during the events that occurred in the controversial video, the melee is going viral online.

The above video shows people joking about Grant getting knocked out as others try and play peacemaker and hold others back from harming Chisholm any further. The Portland International Airport was the scene of the protest — just like many other protests that have popped up around the country to protest Mr. Trump’s immigration travel ban.

Chisholm said the anti-Trump people almost killed him that night. Eventually, authorities and emergency personnel arrived. Chisholm was taken to Legacy Emanuel Medical Center for emergency treatment, but he was let go in a couple of hours after Grant received treatment for his concussion. Grant’s beating is reminiscent of what happened to another Trump supporter, David Wilcox of Chicago, who was nearly killed after being dragged and thrown off his car, as seen in the below tweet from the Inquisitr.


As reported by the Daily Beast, Chisholm was dubbed “The Hipster Fred Phelps” more than three years ago by the publication. That’s because although Grant owns Grant Michael Industrial Antiques and Grandma’s Funky Furniture selling retro furniture from the two Portland locations. Chisholm also admitted to getting hate mail for his beliefs. Many of Chisholm’s customers didn’t know what Grant believed.


However, now that Grant’s video of Chisholm getting knocked out is going viral, more people will learn about Grant being a street preacher. Chisholm largely rails against the things Grant says God hates. Some of them are presumed things, like homosexuality and strip clubs, but Chisholm also claims that God hates Catholics and football, too, for some odd reason.

In the Daily Beast‘s interview with Grant, instead of focusing on the salvation of Jesus or the love and mercy of God, Chisholm went back to Malachi 1:3 in the Old Testament to quote the “Jacob have I loved, Esau have I hated” Scripture as Chisholm’s reasoning for God hating things. However, Chisholm has worn a sandwich board that read, “Jesus Saves From Hell.” It’s a Facebook photo that garnered more attention than any other photo by the club called Lucky Devil. Chisholm’s protest of the club drew more attention and possibly more patrons as Grant’s words about God hating “t****** bars” amused customers. Other preachers reportedly yelled their wishes for the women working at the club to die from breast cancer.

Whereas Chisholm’s “Repent or Perish” sign was calm in comparison to what other preachers yelled — words likely gleaned from the Book of Revelation that have gotten the cops called on Grant — Chisholm believed he is effective in cursing a place with the power of God and moving on when the police arrive. Grant literally calls himself a Bible thumper.

Even though Chisholm was compared to Phelps of Westboro Baptist Church, Grant doesn’t see himself as such.

“I’m interested in people’s living actually being changed by Jesus Christ. Those guys, they just think it’s their job to tell people God hates their guts. They’re not God. They don’t know who he hates.”

Chisholm claims his method of in-your-face preaching can be an effective tool to convert people over to accepting Christ as their Savior instead of going gentler routes, like singing and passing out popcorn.

“But I’ve converted more people just by ripping them to the core. I love to put my finger in people’s faces and just judge ’em.”

As far as protesting at football games, Grant claims it’s because of the riches therein.

“The Bible says the wealth of the wicked is stored up [for] the righteous.”

[Featured Image by Evan Vucci/AP Images]