‘Dance Moms’ Rumors: Abby Lee Miller Is ‘On The Verge Of A Breakdown,’ Is Season 7 The Last Season?

With so much drama in the ALDC, it’s kinda hard being Abby L-E-E. The latest Dance Moms rumors suggest that the head honcho of the ALDC is finally reaching her breaking point — between all the drama in the courts, the dancers that come and go as they please, and the real threat of jail looming over her head, Abby Lee Miller is on the verge of a breakdown!

That’s the word from People Magazine, whose latest round of Dance Moms rumors suggest that all the pressure of everything is finally getting to Abby, and in tomorrow night’s episode, she snaps off!

While Abby was shown in tears about leaving her Pittsburgh studio — the place where it all began — and embracing her life in Los Angeles, other moms are quick to point out that Miller couldn’t run from what was to come.

“You can’t run from your mistakes, Abby,” one mom admits, while another says, “I think the sentencing kind of is bothering her.” And still another finally admits what viewers have known all along: “I think she’s just on the verge of a breakdown.”

There are many reasons for Abby Lee Miller’s unstable state, according to the latest Dance Moms spoilers from Enstarz. In just a few weeks, Abby Lee Miller will be facing the courts to determine her fate on fraud and embezzlement.

It’s rumored that Chloe Lukasiak — whose recent return heralded much comment amongst the show’s fandom — will be taking over for Abby Lee Miller when she goes to jail, but that rumor hasn’t been confirmed or even commented on by the Dance Moms powers that be. However, Enstarz is all but confirming that Season 7 will be Abby Lee’s final season on the show.

“A second hearing will take place on 24 February and her lawyers will make their case for probation. She might get six months in jail or probation as the final decision is still awaited, but it is clear that she will not be hosting “Dance Moms” Season 7 which is said to be the last season of the series. Though it is speculated that Chloe Lukasiak might save the show and lead to its renewal, one has to wait for a formal announcement to be sure.”

Finally, the latest Dance Moms rumors from the Los Angeles Independent have confirmed that Abby Lee Miller has plenty of reasons to break down — specifically, two years worth of reasons. The outlet believes that Abby Lee will go to jail when she goes before the courts at the end of February for her sentencing.

The outlet unearthed some documents that proved that, before these issues, Abby Lee Miller had a variety of financial problems with her studio, and — at one point — even had the Federal government stepping in to collect on back taxes that she owed!

“[They] talked to witnesses who claimed that police would come to her Penn Hills, Pennsylvania studio and threaten to close it due to back taxes many years ago. There would be signs on the door, and Miller never seemed concerned enough to hide her money troubles from her students. In fact, previous students explained that Miller would offer students free dance lessons in exchange for keeping quiet about her debt, and would expect families of her students to put her up in hotels and pay for her meals while at dance competitions. When families would refuse to pay her way, she would sleep on cots in their hotel rooms and threaten to ban the child from the studio if they didn’t comply with her demands.”

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