Kim Richards On Grandson And Sobriety: Did Her Stress Over Grandson Cause Relapse?

Kim Richards decided to come back to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills this season as a friend of the wives, because she feels good about where she is in her life. Richards has revealed that she’s sober and she’s excited about where her life is going. It’s no secret that Kim relapsed last year, and she struggled a bit after losing her ex-husband and best friend, Monty, to cancer. Fans of the show watched Kim take care of him after his cancer diagnosis, and they realized that they had a very special relationship with one another.

According to a new Instagram post, Kim Richards is now revealing that she’s missing her ex-husband these days. It’s no secret that this loss was big for Kim even though they were not married at the time. On The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, fans learned that Kim and Monty had been married once and they remained best friends after divorcing. They clearly wanted the best for one another, even though they couldn’t stay married.

“Missing You today Monty. My Best Friend, I love you with all my heart & soul.I cherish each & every memory we shared.. I am definitely the most blessed girl in world to have had you in my life! I still feel your Love, Strength & Courage from above. Thank you for choosing me. I love you always & forever….,” Kim Richards revealed on Instagram, sharing a sweet message for her ex-husband.

Maybe Richards would love to have had Monty around these days, as she’s loving her new role as a grandmother. On The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Kim told the wives that she was a bit anxious about becoming a grandmother. What she was trying to explain was that she didn’t know how to identify her feelings, as she was excited but still nervous about her daughter being a first-time mother. And Eden Sassoon quickly assumed that becoming a grandmother could possibly result in Kim losing control of her sobriety. But Kim appears to be doing very well and loving her grandson.

“Gave mommy the day off yesterday…I love my special days with this magical boy #Grateful #ProudGrandma #Loveofmylife #Grandson,” Kim Richards revealed in one Instagram post, while Kim wrote in another post, “Being a Grandma is absolutely the most AMAZING feeling ever!! Snappin with my little guy..and he’s LOVES IT!!”

It sounds like Kim Richards has not relapsed after becoming a grandmother. In fact, she’s been loving her new role, and her daughter has even let Kim babysit her son on occasion. In other words, Eden couldn’t have been more wrong in her assumptions about Richards. And Kyle Richards was shocked to hear what her co-stars had to say about Kim’s sobriety and her role as a grandmother.

“Kim expressed having “new grandmother” anxiety about her grandson, meaning the typical parental type of worrying. I thought that was very clear. For Eden to turn that into anything other than what it was is beyond comprehension. As a sober woman (as she likes to say), doesn’t she see how damaging that is?” Kyle Richards wrote in her Bravo blog for The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, sharing her frustrations over the ladies’ comments about Kim.

“The accusations Lisa Rinna and Eden made about me pale in comparison. Calling me an enabler? Neither of these women have any clue what goes on between my sister and me,” Kyle continues in her blog about her own role in her sister’s sobriety.

What do you think of Kim Richards’ Instagram posts about becoming a grandmother?

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