Corinne From ‘The Bachelor’ Has Made Music Videos, And… Well, See For Yourself [Video]

Corinne from The Bachelor filmed a couple of music videos, and they’re… well, you have to see them.

Corinne Olympios, 24, has emerged as this season’s Bachelor villain, a role that she seems to relish. Although calling her a villain is a bit of an overstatement as she’s too dim to be a villain. Mostly she’s just weird. She’s a grown woman who has a nanny (and who brought her nanny to the set of The Bachelor). She likes to take naps (one of her favorite things to talk about on the show). She has extremely specific tastes in food. She eats cucumbers (cut by her nanny, of course) and cheese pasta (made by her nanny, of course). She claims to run a multi-million-dollar company, when in fact, as previously reported by The Inquisitr, what she really does is part-time sales work for a company her family owns, selling garage floor coverings.

When she’s not on the set of The Bachelor or grinding it out in the family business, Corinne has done a few other things in her young career. She has a modeling profile on Model Mayhem, for example (“Being on-set is my happy place”), and she’s appeared in a few music videos, including work for Pitbull, Akon, and DJ Khaled.

Yeah, about those music videos. Here’s one from 2011, where Corinne appears with several other women in the video for “Zip & A Double Cup,” a song by rapper Juicy J featuring 2 Chainz and Tha Joker. As Romper notes, Corinne couldn’t have been much older than about 18 when she appeared in the video. WARNING: This video contains strong language, sexual content, and drug use.

Corinne appears beginning at around 1:49, but if you can’t see her (or don’t want to watch the video), here’s a screenshot.

Is that Corinne from The Bachelor? Sure looks like her! [Image by YouTube]

Funnily enough, fans of social media have pointed out that Corinne appears to be “napping” in the video, After all, it is one of her favorite things to do!

Hey, Andy Petersen; Corinne isn’t “napping” in that video. She’s getting high with the rappers. So there’s that.

Now, a couple of points need to be made. First, as Complex writer Gavin Evans points out, as of this writing, it’s impossible to confirm with 100 percent certainty that that’s Corinne in that video. It very well could be a woman who just happens to look quite a bit like her, and it’s not like the video has a credits reel at the end. And Corinne’s reps have declined to comment.

Second, Evans notes that, well, Corinne appearing in a video about being “high as f**k” is about as hilarious as it gets.

“It’s probably not the classiest video to appear in but, hey, everybody’s got to get their start somewhere, especially if they want to someday be involved with truly high brow content like The Bachelor.”

Similarly, Thrillist writer Sean Fitz-Gerald poked some gentle fun at The Bachelor contestant.

“Surprised? You should be. This is the same woman who once said, ‘I don’t do well in dancing; I have very bad short-term memory.’ Yeah, right!”

Of course, Corinne’s video is unlikely to change anyone’s mind about her. By this point, The Bachelor fans either love Corinne or hate her, and a six-year-old video of her is either going to a) confirm in your head that Corinne is nothing but a dim-witted, spoiled woman-child; or b) make you love her even more. There’s no middle ground.

The Bachelor, featuring 2 Chainz video star Corinne Olympios, airs Monday nights at 8 p.m. Eastern time on ABC.

[Featured Image by Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images for Ketel One]