Kailyn Lowry A Sociopath? ‘Teen Mom’ Star Talks Being Void Of Feelings

Kailyn Lowry wasn’t happy to learn that her estranged husband Javi Marroquin would be returning home from Qatar with the expectation that he would be staying at their family home. On Teen Mom 2, Kailyn revealed that she had gotten used to having her freedom, and she didn’t like him being home and being in her business about what she was doing. When Javi asked her simple questions, like what she was doing on a particular day, she would fire back with a rude comment that it was simply not his business. Now, Teen Mom 2 fans are wondering if she’s a sociopath as she appears to have no feelings whatsoever in relation to her divorce.

According to a new tweet, Kailyn Lowry is now admitting that she didn’t really have any feelings towards Javi and his return home. While she was happy to see that he was doing good after returning home from a war zone, she didn’t exactly appear happy that he was back in her life. And that caused some people to ask her about being a possible sociopath.

“Are you a sociopath? You seem void of any feelings,” one person asked Kailyn Lowry last night as Teen Mom 2 aired on MTV, to which Lowry boldly replied, “Yeah, I must be.”

When people started coming to Kailyn’s defense, saying that people shouldn’t judge her until they had walked in her shoes, one person wrote, “Ditto. You have no idea about the shoes I’ve walked in. Unfortunately anyone who watches the show knows hers.”

Of course, the theme of mental illness has been a reoccurring topic on Teen Mom 2. Jenelle Evans has struggled with some personal issues, including depression, and Kailyn Lowry once talked about dealing with symptoms of bipolar disorder. But it sounds like her lack of feelings could have something to do with her childhood and everything she went through as a child.

“Ppl who have had 2 b tough their whole life feel in private & come off as cold when they r hurting im the same way. Especially when you are taught at a young age your emotions are an inconvenience to people #Trauma,” Teen Mom 3 star Katie Yeager wrote in defense of Kailyn Lowry, to which other people started chiming in about how rude Kailyn came across when Javi returned home.

Even if Lowry was struggling with sociopathic tendencies, it sounds like viewers have a hard time forgiving Kailyn for being so cold towards Marroquin. It was clear that he was hurt by her behavior and just wanted some form of connection with her, but Kailyn Lowry wasn’t giving him anything. Maybe the best way she knows how to protect herself is to build a wall.

“I apologize, I just watched the episode with Javi coming home. You are just so mean. Setting boundaries? Kicking someone out of their home after returning from deployment is setting boundaries?” one person wrote to Kailyn Lowry in hopes of getting some answers as to why she was being so mean, to which one person wrote in defense of Javi, “He’s a control freak?!? But it’s okay for her to cheat on him in his own home?!?! She’s a cold hearted person. She doesn’t know how to love or show feelings towards anybody. Especially her kids.”

“You are soo nasty Javi just came home and u got some dude there with the boys disgusting,” one person wrote, while another added about Kailyn, “She has feelings. Sometimes you have to guard your heart and it comes across to others as cold and heartless.”

What do you think of Kailyn Lowry’s response that she may be a sociopath? Do you think she’s right in her tweet, or do you think she’s just giving her Twitter followers what they are looking for?

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