Drake Reportedly To Replace Rihanna Tattoo For Jennifer Lopez Amid Cheating Fear Rumors

Jennifer Lopez and Drake continue to avoid confirming their reported romance, but the couple has been spotted on dates and even shared the same cuddly Instagram photos. Now, a new report claims that the rapper is seeking to reassure Jennifer of his commitment to her in an unusual way that involves a tattoo amid rumors that Lopez allegedly fears that he’ll cheat.

Allegedly aware that Drake is “popular with the ladies,” Jennifer is reportedly worried that the rapper “could be tempted to cheat during his stripper-fueled Super Bowl party,” reported Hollywood Life.

Jennifer Lopez allegedly is worried about Drake cheating at an upcoming gig.
Jennifer Lopez allegedly is worried about Drake cheating at an upcoming gig. [Image by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]

At 47, Lopez continues to flaunt her fabulously curvy figure, but the media outlet claims that Jennifer experiences “moments of insecurity.” And even as her reported romance with the 30-year-old rapper heats up, Lopez allegedly hopes that he won’t feel “tempted to flirt” during his Super Bowl gig, an insider told Hollywood Life.

“[Jennifer Lopez is] as confident as any sexy woman could be, but she’s worried like hell about Drake next weekend at his Super Bowl gig.”

The source also claimed that having the rapper “around all those half-naked strippers” is “just asking for trouble.” In addition, Jennifer is allegedly “nervous” that Drake is “not going to keep his hands to himself,” added the insider, who compared the situation to “dangling a mouse in front of a snake.”

However, although Lopez reportedly “really doesn’t want him to go,” she isn’t going to stop him, according to the source.

“She’s going to have a serious talk with him prior to this event,” the insider added.

Just in case Drake needs a reminder of what he’s missing during that Super Bowl gig, Jennifer has been sharing increasingly sexy photos of herself on Instagram. Lopez and the rapper have been bonding since early December, when he attended Jennifer’s Las Vegas show, according to the media outlet.

But Ace Showbiz cited a source claiming that Drake is getting so serious about his romance with Lopez that he’s willing to replace the matching shark tattoo he and his ex-girlfriend Rihanna got with Jennifer’s name.

Drake reportedly has plans to replace his tattoo reminding him of Rihanna with one confirming Jennifer Lopez romance.
Drake reportedly has plans to replace his tattoo reminding him of Rihanna with one confirming Jennifer Lopez romance. [Image by Jason Merritt/Getty Images for Clear Channel]

“[Drake] wants to end every speculation, every worry, every doubt that [Jennifer Lopez] has about him creeping on her,” said the insider. “And he’s willing to permanently show it to her by covering the shark tattoo he got with Rihanna and replacing it with J.Lo’s name!”

Claiming that the rapper is over his ex-girlfriend and completely willing to make a commitment to Lopez, the source emphasized just how much he loves Jennifer.

“He’s serious about J.Lo,” summed up the insider. “Her ageless beauty and intellect. Her sex appeal and body. He’s not letting her go.”

And the tattoo plan reportedly doesn’t end with Drake replacing the tattoo he got with Rihanna with one that shows his love for Lopez. The source also revealed that the rapper wants Jennifer to sport a tattoo with his own name.

“He wants her to get his name tatted on her too so that he knows the feelings mutual.”

While the previous report alleged that Jennifer was worried about the rapper cheating on her during his Super Bowl gig, this insider claims that Drake is stressed about the possibility of another guy attempting to woo Lopez.

“Drake too is scared of another man coming in and trying to steal her,” said the source. “Tats are more permanent than a wedding ring…Drake’s ready to go there and have her name on him!”

As for who might attempt to “steal” Jennifer, an insider told Hollywood Life that her World of Dance co-star Derek Hough is impressed by Lopez.

“There’s nothing going on with them right now,” clarified the source, “but he thinks she’s drop dead gorgeous and super cool.”

The insider also revealed that Derek “would kill for a chance to date” Lopez, cautioning that Drake “should not get lazy, because Derek would love to swoop in.”

[Featured Image by John Sciulli/Getty Images]