‘Dance Moms’ Season 7 Spoilers: Kalani Vs. Kendall Vs. Nia In Episode 10, Yolanda Jealous Of Lilliana’s Success? [Video]

Dance Moms Season Season 7 returns with an all-new episode this Tuesday, January 31, with Episode 10, titled “Breathless in Denver.” Last week, ALDC had a clean sweep at the Dream National Dance Competition, with Lilliana Ketchman, Maesi Caes, and Brynn Rumfallo winning first, second, and third place overall. According to the official synopsis and latest spoilers, this time around, it would be Kalani Hillker, Kendall Vertes, and Nia Frazier competing against each other at the Sheer Talent competition in Denver.

Dance Moms Season 7 spoilers revealed that Kalani Hilliker and Kendall Vertes will perform a contemporary dance routine. Nia Frazier, on the other hand, will be doing a specialty number, titled “The Promised Land.” Everyone will also be part of the group routine, including minis Lilliana and Elliana, called “The Thinner the Air, The Harder to Breathe.”

As Inquisitr previously reported, the moms were not thrilled with Abby Lee Miller‘s decision to include the minis in this week’s group dance. As the Nationals is only a couple of weeks away, the moms were worried that the minis could be holding the junior elite back.

“This is the road to Nationals and she’s throwing a wrench in it,” Jill Vertes, Kendall K’s mom, said in the promo.


Brynn Rumfallo’s mom, Ashlee Allen, agreed with Jill, and pointed out that everytime Abby tries to incorporate the minis in the group routine, the dance ends up being a “hot mess.”

Ever since Dance Moms Season 7 started, the junior elite moms have been determined to prove to Abby that ALDC doesn’t need the minis. They wanted Nia Frazier, Brynn Rumfallo, Kalani Hilliker, and Kendall Vertes to step up their routine and do more mature and age appropriate dances. With Lilliana and Elliana joining the team, the moms felt that ALDC is taking a step back.

“We don’t need those minis we need mature themes mature dancing the sky is the limit with this group I really hope Abby sees it I really do,” Jill said.


According to Abby, she only decided to bring in the minis because she knew that, sooner or later, some of the Dance Moms stars will be leaving ALDC and pursuing other projects, just like what happened to Maddie and Mackenzie Ziegler.

“I’ve decided that Lilliana and Elliana will fit in best. I know the moms aren’t gonna be happy but the girls are getting older. I don’t have much time left with them and as sad as that is, I have to think about my future and that means inviting two minis to be part of my great eight.”

Abby Lee Miller might just have made the right decision in bringing Lilliana Ketchman to ALDC. As seen in the last episode of Dance Moms Season 7, the 8-year-old dancer beat Brynn Rumfallo and Maesi Caes, winning 1st Overall at the Dream National Dance Competition with her routine, “Route 66.” It did not come as a surprise that this week, Abby has focused more of her attention on Lilliana than Elliana, to Yolanda’s frustration.

“Lilly is doing four eight counts more so you are sitting in a much better position than Ellie in our hometown with hundreds of people coming and they’re gonna see her lay on the ground while Lilly is doing, essentially she is doing a solo up front,” Yolanda told Stacey.

The junior elite moms then told Yolanda that if she had a problem with the group routine she should have told Abby at the beginning of the week.

“At this point you’ve lost your window. You’ve lost your window of opportunity,” Jill told Yolanda.

Dance Moms Season 7 airs Tuesdays on Lifetime. Watch the promo for episode 10, “Breathless in Denver” below.

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