Javi Marroquin And Kailyn Lowry 2017: ‘Teen Mom’ Star Admits Anger Towards Lowry

Javi Marroquin and Kailyn Lowry have been making headlines lately based on what is currently playing out on Teen Mom 2 these days. Javi has returned from his deployment, and he left to serve his country thinking that his marriage was intact and he would have a home to return to. But while he was away, Marroquin quickly realized that his wife had no intention of sticking with him throughout the time he was gone. There were rumors of cheating and lies, and now fans are seeing what Javi had to deal with upon his return.

According to a new tweet, Javi Marroquin is now apologizing for flipping out on last night’s episode of Teen Mom 2 as he said some comments he regrets. He was clearly hurt that his wife had chosen to move on emotionally as he was still caught up in his feelings. During a Teen Mom 2 reunion special last year, Kailyn revealed that she was ready to divorce but Marroquin wanted to fight for his marriage. Now, he’s revealing that he was truly hurt to what he came home to.

“A lot of my comments were out of anger because no matter where me and Kail were at the time I was hoping she’d fall back in love with me,” Javi Marroquin explained on Twitter last night as Teen Mom 2 was airing on MTV, sharing that he was frustrated that his marriage had fallen apart while he was deployed, and he was even more upset to learn that Kailyn was hanging around other guys shortly after he returned home.

But it sounds like Marroquin knew that he may have crossed a line and rather than keep his anger going, he decided to apologize to his estranged wife and Jo Rivera for his behavior. Javi Marroquin wants to be there for his stepson, Isaac, and his own son, Lincoln, when they need some extra support.

“Coming home and that not happening broke my heart so I acted out. I realized that so I’ve apologized to her and Jo for acting the way I did,” Javi Marroquin continued on Twitter, to which one person asked when Kailyn will apologize to him for her behavior as she came across cold and rude, to which Marroquin replied, “We’ve both said sorry, privately. Sometimes things need to be private.”

“It’s hard to relive these days, but I hope Kail knows our relationship now is bigger than this and knows I got her back,” Javi Marroquin explained on Twitter, sharing that they have come a long way since they filmed these scenes for the show.

But not every Teen Mom 2 fan believes that Lowry has Javi’s back if he needs her. She appears to lack any emotion when it comes to her marriage and fans can’t understand why she can give Marroquin the time to talk or even let him borrow the car seats for the children. While he’s trying to stay civil, she seems cold and rude.

“You may have her back, but she does not have yours. She is selfish, self absorbed, and a narcissistic person,” one person wrote to Javi, while others added things like, “Idk – just watched the scene where you said Issac should be her main focus right now. It’s true…it’s sad for Issac,” and “The worst thing you can do is keep enabling her and her bad habits. be very mindful of that,” and “People like Kail only know a life of chaos from her childhood it’s comfortable & familiar it’s what they know, hopefully she can change.”

What do you think of Javi Marroquin’s comments about reliving the drama on Teen Mom 2?

[Featured Image by Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images for Star Magazine]