Super Bowl 2017 Weird Prop Bets: Odds On ‘Trump’ Uttered, Brady Deflated Football Jab

Super Bowl 2017 is a few days away, and prop bets are piling up on some of the most bizarre things that may or may not happen during the broadcast of the big game. It’s easy enough to bet on the New England Patriots or the Atlanta Falcons to win the Super Bowl, which is one of the more traditional bets offered for Sunday. How about if someone from the crowd throws a deflated football on the field as a way of poking Tom Brady with a stick? It is a prop bet that is being offered by one of the legitimate odds makers in Vegas.

Tom Brady and his weird odds at Super Bowl 2017

So what are the odds of a fan throwing a “slightly deflated football” onto the field as a dig toward Brady? The odds are 19 to one that some fan will troll Brady by tossing a deflated football to remind him of that debacle. There are even specific odds on the term “Deflategate” staying under wraps.

The odds for the term “Deflategate” not being mentioned during the entire game by Joe Buck, Troy Aikman, or the sideline reporters are 8 to 1. How many times will Tom Brady’s beautiful wife Gisele Bundchen be shown on TV during Super Bowl 2017? That is an over/under prop bet.

Bill Belichick hosts Saturday Night Live and a hair piece for Dan Quinn?

Bill Belichick hosting SNL is an event that’s probably not going to happen, so it is understandable that the odds are at 5,000 to one that the New England Patriots’ coach won’t host Saturday Night Live in the weeks following Super Bowl 2017. The Atlanta Falcon’s coach is bald, so odds are 50 to one that he will wear a hair piece to the 2017 Super Bowl. With odds like that, it really doesn’t offer up much hope of seeing Quinn with hair for the big day.

You can even bet on the color of the hoodie Belichick will don for Super Bowl 2017. Odds that he will wear a blue hoodie are at four to 11, Gray three to one, Red, 40 to one and Field 50 to one. This seems to indicate that Belichick is not often seen in Red.

The odds concerning Donald Trump at the 2017 Super Bowl:

What would Super Bowl 2017 be without Donald Trump thrown into the betting pools? The odds are over/under 1.5 on how many times the three words “President Donald Trump” are said during the broadcast of the Super Bowl. According to CBS Sports, there is even a bet on who Donald Trump will pick to win Super Bowl 2017. The odds are one to 10 that he will pick the Patriots and 11 to two that he will pick the Falcons.

Then there is the 1.5 over/under on commercials that parody Donald Trump. Lady Gaga saying the word “Trump” at any time during the halftime show for the Super Bowl are at nine to five. The odds are 10 to 13 that Lady Gaga will make a political anti-Trump statement during her performance. That statement can either be visual or vocal, according to USA Today.

Lady Gaga exposed?

You can place a bet on Lady Gaga, who is performing at halftime. The odds of the singer suffering a wardrobe malfunction where an “intimate” part of her body gets exposed is at 15 to one. The odds that she’ll mention the name of “Trump” are nine to five. Apparently, someone out there doesn’t put this past the “Born This Way” singer.


Odds are three to two that Lady Gaga will wear an outfit that FOX will need to blur over due to indecency. This wouldn’t be out of the realm of Lady Gaga, which the odds seem to indicate. Odds on the color of Lady Gaga’s hair when you first lay eyes on her on stage are blond two to three, brown three to one, and pink 10 to one.

Some very odd odds for the announcers

Odds are one to two that Troy Aikman or Joe Buck will mention that “Tom Brady was drafted in the 6th round of the NFL Draft during their podcast,” according to How about the odds of 10 to one that announcer Joe Buck shows up clean shaven for the broadcast of Super Bowl 201 7?

The first “Deflategate” reference being made by Aikman or Buck during the first quarter offers seven to four, during the second quarter, five to three, or the third quarter, five to one, and the fourth quarter, eight to one. The odds are at three to one for all four of the Fox Sports analysts to pick the New England Patriots to win. This group includes Terry Bradshaw, Michael Strahan, Howie Long, and Jimmy Johnson.

That Guy is on fire odds:

You can actually bet that someone will catch on fire during the halftime show and if you win, the odds are 25 to one. You have a better chance of winning if you bet that someone will fall off the stage during the halftime show, with the odds of 12 to one.

If there is even a remote chance of something happening during Super Bowl 2017, there is probably someone ready to take a bet on it somewhere in the gambling world. You can bet on the pattern of Joe Buck or Troy Aikman’s tie. Or if music is more your thing, you can place a bet on how long it will take Luke Bryan to sing the National Anthem at the 2017 Super Bowl. That is two minutes and 15 seconds in an over/under bet.

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