Ivanka Trump’s Dress Is ‘Hot Fashion’ And Might Boost Her Image, Says Media Expert

Ivanka Trump’s dress photo, posted on her official Instagram account on Saturday night, caused major internet backlash amidst the protests over Donald Trump’s Muslim immigration ban. But while most of the reactions to Ivanka’s photos were negative, a known reputation consultant is saying this might have been a deliberate political move by her.

It all started between between Saturday night and Sunday, as CNN reports, when Ivanka Trump, took to Instagram and Twitter to post a photo of herself and husband Jared Kushner as they were preparing for a night out. Ivanka is President Donald Trump’s daughter, and her husband serves as a senior White House adviser.

United States President Donald Trump and his daughter Ivanka Trump
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Ivanka Trump’s dress in the photo is a metallic silver jacquard designed by Carolina Herrera and is reportedly worth almost $5,000. Although Ivanka’s Instagram post received more than 240,000 likes, many have criticized her of being “tone deaf,” showing off such a glamorous outfit while anti-Trump protests were being held around the country.

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On Friday evening, 24 hours before Ivanka’s post with the dress, Donald Trump signed a controversial executive order that temporarily bans citizens of seven Muslim countries from entering the United States. In addition, Syrian refugees were banned indefinitely. Following this decision, thousands of people around the United States and the world have voiced their concerns, and called for the release of people who were detained in airports due to the new orders.

During this time of turmoil, Ivanka Trump’s dress was the last thing people were expecting to see on her Instagram feed – with no word from her regarding the immigration issue. However, Eric Schiffer, a brand consultant who works with companies faced with a crisis, told Business Insider that Ivanka’s photo might actually help boost her reputation.

“The dress picture says ‘I don’t necessarily want to be associated or aligned with the Trump administration.’ It shows that she is doing things that are asynchronistic, or not connected to Trump’s actions.”

Schiffer also addressed Ivanka’s brand and line of clothing, as some are calling for a boycott of her clothes. According to him, not only will Ivanka’s brand not suffer following her Instagram photo, it might actually benefit from it.

“I think she is benefitting (sic) from the immense glamor that bestows presidents and their families. Fashion that is worn by anyone that is tied to the White House is always going to be hot fashion – no matter the politics.”

Whether or not Ivanka Trump’s dress photo and the ensuing outrage were planned or not, it’s worth remembering that while her the country was reacting to Donald Trump’s executive order, Ivanka and her husband Jared couldn’t really respond, as they lead a Jewish orthodox life. As part of that, Ivanka and Jared both observe the Sabbath, which means they don’t use electricity or communication devices from Friday evening until Saturday night.

In fact, during Donald Trump’s inauguration ceremony, Ivanka and her husband had to get rabbinic permission to travel by car, as reported on the Inquisitr. Since the celebrations continued well into Friday night, it was considered a safety hazard for the couple not to use a car, and according to Orthodox Jewish laws, measures taken to preserve life override the keeping of Sabbath.

However, Ivanka Trump’s dress photo wasn’t the only controversial thing posted by her family on Saturday. Her brother, Donald Trump Jr., also took to Instagram on Saturday, and while the country was in turmoil, chose to share a photo from his hunting trip.

“Beautiful morning In the woods”, he wrote in the caption to the photo. “Definitely one of the better ways to fill up a weekend.”

Despite all the backlash on social media, against Donald Trump Jr.’s photo and particularly against Ivanka Trump’s dress, it remains to be seen what the ongoing effects of these internet storms is going to be. We can be sure of one thing, though, both sides are not going to stay quiet.

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