Afraid They Will Steal Your Bra Too? As She Limits Showing Off Of Jewelry On Social Media, A Braless Kim Kardashian Puts Her Other Assets On Display!

Maybe wearing a bra is not a requirement to attend a family dinner in the Kardashian clan. This seemed to be the message Kim Kardashian was conveying when she walked to a restaurant for a family dinner without a bra. This was while on vacation with her family in Costa Rica.

But it would be wrong to judge as it could have come off accidentally just like the heel of one her shoes did. The missing heel could also have passed unnoticed as the reality wore a shiny red mini dress that sucked in all the attention and depending on the angle, left too little to the imagination or just left enough to the imagination. This is because the mother-of-two did not make any attempts at decency or modesty as she headed out to the family dinner. And even forgetting for a moment the items of clothing that she had overlooked, it was quite a sight watching Kanye West’s significant other display lots of flesh as the red mini dress skimmed her thighs and folded itself around her mid-section.

braless Kim Kardashian breasts show
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Can’t live without selfies

To accompany her broken shoes, the reality star wore a blue velvet cap that gave her a sporty look. And just in case there was an emergency, such as the need to take a selfie, Kim carried an oversize smartphone in her hand.

Closely following Kim was her half-sister, the 19-year-old Kylie Jenner. Kylie also further reinforced the fact that decency and modesty at a Kardashian family table are not a prerequisite as she also wore a dress that generously revealed her cleavage and had lots of sheer panels. At the dinner table, the two sat next to each other with Kylie ensuring she took a selfie in the dress she wore without a bra.

The development comes amidst reports that the thieves who stole jewelry from Kim last year in Paris got to know of her jewelry collection through her social media postings.

“The jewels were shown on the Internet, and [she said] that she didn’t wear fakes… the time she would arrive in France, you just had to look at the Internet and you knew everything, absolutely everything,” the ringleader of the thieves told Le Monde, a French newspaper.

Christian Sainte, the Paris police chief, seemed to concur with the criminals.

“She gives information on social media all the time,” Sainte said in an interview.

braless Kim Kardashian breasts show
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Melted into the darkness

Despite the suspects having been captured, it will not be possible to recover most of the jewelry that was stolen from Kim because all of it was sold off after being melted down, except the 20-karat engagement ring worth around $4 million. The thieves are said to have held off selling the diamond ring because it would be easy to trace as it is highly distinguishable.

Consequently, as a result of the Paris jewelry heist, Kim has reduced the extent to which she shows off her jewelry and other precious items on social media. But if the reason Kim wasn’t wearing a bra in Costa Rica had anything to do with having as few precious items on her as possible, her fans needn’t worry too much as the Kardashians have already left the South American country!

On her trip back to the United States, Kim showed off her superwoman skills as she handled her two kids pretty well. Initially, the only heavy lifting that Kim had to do was carry North who had napped on her shoulder, but she had to hold Saint as well later. Her mom duties did not, however, stop Kim from sporting a fabulous look. She wore sweatpants and a white tank top. And even though she wore stiletto boots, this time round neither of the heels came off and thus ending her trip on a high.

Hero’s welcome

And back in the States, she could easily have received a hero’s welcome from some sections of the population after a tweet she posted was met with a lot of praise for giving statistics that showed falling out of bed was a far bigger cause of deaths in the U.S. than terrorist attacks!


“@KimKardashian well done Kim use your fame and reach-fight the good fight..proud of you kid #WeAreAllMuslimNow,” read one of the positive responses.

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