‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: EP Frank Valentini Teases Big February Surprise

General Hospital spoilers contain shocking revelations this week, but they are not as mind blogging as a mysterious tweet from GH executive producer Frank Valentini just as February is sweeping in.

According to the outlet Soap Hub, the show usually delivers something special for its fans during the month of love, such as giving fans the power to choose a character to return for a limited run in 2015.

In 2016, Valentini posted a video over Twitter of him and GH vet Michael Easton asking him to return to the show in what seemed to be a response to the fan outcry when his character Silas Clay was killed.

While General Hospital spoilers for this week are already filled with big surprises, Valentini posted yet another teasing tweet in the simplest manner possible, leaving fans of the show begging for more details.


At this point, it is anyone’s guess what the big surprise might be. Fortunately, Soap Hub has a couple of guesses fans can work with.

According to the outlet, there is a possibility of an All My Children and One Life to Live crossover to Port Charles, something which became more feasible after the rights to the soaps were returned to ABC.

With this in mind, General Hospital spoilers from the outlet explained that there may be another returning actress to the show should a crossover happen.

Apparently, Kristen Alderson, who played Kiki Jerome in GH, might visit Port Charles but as OLTL’s Starr Manning instead.

Then there’s the chance that a new character will be added to the show, with Soap Hub citing Steve Burton’s tweet about not quitting daytime dramas following the airing of his last scenes in The Young and The Restless last week.

Soap Hub’s third guess is probably one of the fan’s most requested: the return of Tony Geary as Luke Spencer. Unfortunately, the outlet is not very optimistic about this one especially since the actor appears to be enjoying life away from the spotlight as he retired in Amsterdam.

Fans who reacted on Valentini’s post also have plenty of guesses including the return of Steve Burton as Jason Morgan.


Meanwhile, General Hospital spoilers for this week promise a shocking revelation, particularly on a criminal act.

According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, Seth Baker (Michael Rodrick) is the real felon behind the sexual assault on Elizabeth “Liz” Webber (Rebecca Herbst). He is also responsible for the untimely death of Tom Baker (Don Harvey), whom he killed in order to keep the real story from coming out.

General Hospital spoilers tease that Liz and Franco Baldwin (Roger Howarth) were both surprised after learning about Tom’s death, let alone realizing that he had been murdered. Because of the obvious motive, the police think that it was Franco who killed him.

But as he digs deeper into the death of the man whom he believed to have raped his girlfriend, Franco finds himself unconscious after receiving blunt force from behind. He wakes up in a room filled with trophies that he had previously seen in the Baker’s residence, which is the first clue that Seth is the one who struck him from behind.


Another clue that points to that direction is Seth’s manner of speaking to Liz. He appeared to be very confident that her boyfriend will never return.


Unconsciously, Elizabeth follows Seth into his house while insisting that Franco was not responsible for Tom’s death. She then finds a photo album filled with pictures only a stalker would take—photos of Elizabeth during all her activities taken from afar.

Thinking it could be proof of Tom’s infatuation, Liz takes the album in. What was surprising is that Seth pleaded for Liz not to give this evidence to the PCPD, which makes him look a lot more guilty.

Tune in for more General Hospital spoilers. GH airs during weekdays on ABC.

[Featured Image by Earl Gibson III/Getty Images]