Blac Chyna Proves Money Is No Object As She Customizes Her ‘Newest Baby’

Blac Chyna loves spoiling herself with luxuries, and that includes expensive new cars. She took to social media on Monday to show off yet another new vehicle.

The 28-year-old’s latest addition is a pink Range Rover that she lovingly calls her “newest baby.” Chyna said she was still waiting on new rims before driving the Range Rover home. She included the hashtag “velvet,” implying the pink tint may be a velvet wrap.

While Chyna’s post received over 330,000 likes, fans had mixed feelings about the color of her new car. Comments ranged from “I’m in love” to “that’s hideous” as Chyna’s followers took to sharing their opinions.

“Congrats on your promotion with Mary Kay….lol that’s hideous.”

“Damn it’s pink..I’m in luv”

While other Instagram users stated the car seemed outdated as Chyna decided to have it turned pink.

“It’s like 2007 all over again”

“So out of touch.”

The new Range Rover comes just several months after Chyna spent a reported $400,000 on a Rolls-Royce as a gift to herself for working hard all year, according to People.

“A little gift to myself for working this hard all year! Cant wait to bring my baby girl home!”

The new luxury vehicle also comes after Chyna gifted Rob Kardashian his own Range Rover “just because” last month, reported Us Weekly.

“Because, why not? Blac Chyna bought Rob Kardashian a Range Rover Monday, December 12, just weeks before Christmas.”

Rob also posted a photo of his new Range Rover, a black one, to his Instagram as he expressed his excitement over the car.

“Thank you @blacchyna for buying me a car today!! Haha that’s wild u got me a car! I AM SO THANKFUL FOR YOU AND OUR BABY GIRL.”

If one thing is certain, it’s this couple enjoys spending money on fancy cars as they seem to have started a collection of sorts. Life and Style magazine reported on Chyna’s latest addition as the mother-of-two flaunts her “newest baby.” The site also states Rob bought Chyna a purple Lamborghini less than a year ago.

“Blac Chyna’s car collection just got bigger! Less than one year after Rob Kardashian gifted her with a purple Lamborghini, the 28-year-old model showed off her new pastel pink ‘baby.'”

The article went on to address the couple’s separation after having spent all this money on cars for one another, a fact Chyna seemed to bring up later.

“However, it wasn’t long after her gift to Rob that the controversial couple split, thanks to an Instagram hack that exposed the mother-of-two’s private messages.”

Chyna allegedly complained about buying Rob the Range Rover, just to have him publicly air their dirty laundry “the next day.”

“I got him a brand new Range and he does this the next day. It’s so wild,” she wrote after Rob accused her of cheating on him. “He’s lazy, fat, insecure.”

However, Rob and Chyna seem to be on better terms since their December split as they co-parent daughter Dream and continue to splurge on luxury items. The Kardashian owns a line of socks called Arthur George, while Chyna sells cosmetics and clothing through several online sites. The couple also reportedly signed on for a second season of Rob & Chyna, which may be their main money maker.

Of course, both Rob and Chyna also have advertisement partnerships with Lyft and Postmates as they both Snapchat and Instagram posts encouraging their fans to use their codes. However the couple is getting paid, they seem to be doing a good job of it as Chyna continues to splurge on luxury vehicles month after month.

[Featured Image by Arnold Turner/Invision/AP Images]