WWE News: WWE Downplaying John Cena’s Historic Title Win For A Specific Reason

At the WWE Royal Rumble, John Cena tied Ric Flair’s record for the most world titles in wrestling history after defeating AJ Styles for his 16th WWE Championship, but WWE is downplaying his historic title win for a specific reason. Originally, the Nature Boy was supposed to come down to the ring after Cena’s win for a historic moment, but WWE officials scrapped that plan late, and Flair’s cameo appearance was canceled.

Instead, the moment was big because it was history and the great match between Cena and Styles put it over the top, but WWE could have done a lot more to push the importance of the moment. On paper, the powers that be could be planning a much bigger celebration for John Cena’s 17th WWE title win, which will break Ric Flair’s record. Arguably, that is the much bigger moment for wrestling history and for John Cena.

There is a lot of speculation about John Cena’s title reign heading into the WWE Elimination Chamber PPV and WrestleMania 33. Not many people are expecting it to last very long, but Randy Orton’s Royal Rumble victory later in the night could be a set up for Cena vs. Orton in Orlando. John Cena will defend the WWE Championship inside the Elimination Chamber in less than two weeks, and he’s rumored to lose it as well.

John Cena Defeated AJ Styles at WWE Royal Rumble
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It has been reported that WWE officials are planning for Bray Wyatt to become the WWE Champion at the WWE Elimination Chamber PPV. Afterward, he will defend the title against Randy Orton at WrestleMania 33, which is why Orton won the Royal Rumble match. According to the rumors, Cena’s 16th WWE title reign will only last for two weeks, which explains why WWE officials are downplaying his win this Sunday.

A new report is claiming that WWE officials are locked into their plans for Orton vs. Wyatt at WrestleMania being for the WWE Championship, so there isn’t a lot of need to bring attention to Cena’s title reign that will only last for two weeks before he drops the title to Bray Wyatt. Logically, WWE’s plan makes sense and then John Cena can move into whatever his match in Orlando turns out to be, which is still a huge mystery to us.

Apparently, John Cena’s opponent for WrestleMania has been chosen. However, we know it will not be the Undertaker. Based on the rumors, Samoa Joe was the next choice for the WWE Universe, but his debut on Raw has made Cena vs. Joe improbable. As of this writing, Cena’s match and opponent for WrestleMania 33 are unknown and will likely remain that way until WWE officials decide it is the right time to reveal him.

WWE Officials Have Finalized John Cenas Wrestlemania 33 Plans
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At the WWE Royal Rumble, John Cena won his 16th WWE World Championship. WWE officials have intentionally downplayed the title win because they don’t want him to look weak when he drops it two weeks later at the WWE Elimination Chamber Since that seems to be the logic behind WWE’s thinking, why did they want Cena to win his historic 16th WWE title at the Royal Rumble rather than at WrestleMania?

Hypothetically, WWE officials could have left the WWE Championship on AJ Styles and achieved the same result at the Elimination Chamber PPV by having Bray Wyatt win the title. Technically, Cena didn’t need to win the title on Sunday. The only reason why WWE officials booked him to win was to have a big moment at the much hyped Royal Rumble event, but then why didn’t WWE make a bigger deal out of the title change?

John Cena winning the WWE Championship at the WWE Royal Rumble PPV may prove to be a mistake. On paper, the “historic” reign will be forgettable, which is an odd impression to leave on such an important title reign in WWE history. If John Cena drops the title in two weeks, the WWE Universe will remember it was a transitional reign, or they won’t remember it at all. Either way, WWE forced the title change, so they’ll need to be much more careful about the 17th title win for Cena. It will need to mean a lot more to the fans.

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