Lindsay Lohan Is In A New Controversy But Is It A Publicity Stunt?

Lindsey Lohan was recently interviewed by KIIS FM on Monday, but she ended up hanging up on the two radio presenters following a series of questions, thus leading to questions about her latest controversy and whether it was a publicity stunt.

Lohan’s interview started off quite well, but it took an interesting turn after she got offended by questions. Shockjock Kyle and Jackie O asked her where she stays during her regular commutes between London, New York, and the United Arab Emirates. The Dubai-based radio presenters tossed the questions to the 30-year-old star, but unfortunately, it resulted to her getting angry and eventually hanging up the phone.

“What kind of question is that? I don’t own houses in [these locations],” Lindsey responded angrily to the questions.


Lindsey talks about her opinion on Trump

Kyle and Jackie O also asked Lindsey about her opinion on Donald Trump. The question was strategically thrown in there because of Trump’s statement about Lindsey in 2004. This was while Lindsey was a teenager and Trump stated that she was deeply troubled and he rudely concluded that she was great in bed. The two presenters even played the clip of Trump making the statement, but she handled it calmly and very wisely.

Lindsay wished Trump the best and proceeded to state that societies often try to look for people’s faults. The actress stated that taking someone down is never the solution.

Lindsay Lohan new controversy is a publicity stunt?
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Lohan hangs up live on air once more!

After finding that Lindsay was turning out to be a hard nut to crack, Jackie O and Kyle decided to bring up a past incident where Lindsay hang up the phone live on air. The interview was held in 2015 and she dropped the call live on air after being queried about Tom Cruise.

“Now, I’ve learned that when a celebrity hangs up on you, it can sometimes be on purpose,” Kyle asked.

Lindsay Lohan new controversy is a publicity stunt?
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To their surprise, Lindsay had hung up on them for the second time. Jackie O was left wondering whether the question offended the 30-year-old actress. Fortunately for the presenters, they got in touch with Lohan once again after a commercial break. She explained that she could not help but hanging up on Sandilands. She exclaimed that they set it up and continued to joke that she should be part of their own radio show in Dubai. This means that the actress did not hang up because she was offended, but because she just wanted to have a bit of fun, which is why she dropped the call.

There have been rumors that Lindsay converted to Islam. She recently deleted all her Instagram photos and has been spotted rocking headscarves on numerous occasions. Further speculation about her religious pursuits was fueled by two new photos she shared on Instagram. The photos feature the star meeting up with President RecepTayyip Erdogan of Turkey.


More evidence supporting the claim that she had switched to the Islam religion include the Arabic quote “Alaikumsalam,” on Lindsay’s Instagram bio. Lindsay, however, claims that she has had the quote on her Instagram bio for about two years. Regardless of the uncertainty in Lindsay’s religious stand, one thing is clear. She has been very busy with her diplomatic endeavors and has even been meeting up with heads of states.

During the interview with Kyle and Jackie O, she stated that she loves traveling to Dubai because it gives her silence as well as focus. She has certainly been busy focusing on positive diplomatic stuff rather than partying. It appears that Lindsey’s new controversy might just have been staged because as she claims, she hung up the phone just for fun.

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