Watch This Hilarious Bad Lip Reading Of Trump’s Inauguration

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The Presidential inauguration of Donald Trump got the Bad Lip Reading treatment in a hilarious video titled “‘INAUGURATION DAY’ — A Bad Lip Reading of Donald Trump’s Inauguration.” Bad Lip Reading is a YouTube channel that takes video clips and dubs over the voices with the anonymous creator’s interpretations of what the people are saying.

The clip delivers everything it promises and is filled with hilarious zingers, one-liners, and nonsense between Donald Trump, Barack Obama, and the rest of the key players in American politics present at the Presidential Inauguration of Donald Trump. Right from the beginning, Trump and the people around him seem awkwardly true to their real-life personas–except for the fact that everything they say is too ridiculous to be true.


“Surprise! I have some pretzels for you!” Melania Trump says as she hands Michelle Obama the famous blue Tiffany box.

“You suck,” Barack Obama tells Trump as they stand for pictures before the inauguration, “Now’s your chance. Call it off!”

Although, of course, Barack Obama did not say that to Trump, the video does a great job of matching the words to the movement of his lips. Plus, a lot of people wish Obama had said that to Trump, so the video does provide some emotional catharsis. Unlike most political comedy, the video does not take an explicit stance the way SNL does, instead, poking fun at real people by the hilarious lines the creator matched to their lips.

Some jokes in the video are spot-on in a way that the true-to-life way that only real comedy can achieve. “I am important,” Trump says as he shakes hands with White House staff. “You want to be me.”

Donald Trump Bad Lip Reading Inauguration.
There's plenty to smile about when you watch the Bad Lip Reading of the Inauguration. [Image by Mark Wilson/Getty Images]Featured image credit: Mark WilsonGetty Images

Bad Lip Reading jabs more than just Trump and Obama during the inauguration. Hillary Clinton, Mike Pence, and the Chief Justice’s also have their speech dubbed over with some lines that might be more true to what they were thinking, than whatever they actually said.

“Leave it to me,” Hillary tells George W. Bush. “We’re gonna squeeze him.”

Then, Michelle Obama greets George W. with, “Ah! Are you wearing a big boy shirt?”

“Mmm yep,” he responds. “And I probably never will again.”

Bad Lip Reading usually dubs music videos, but this isn’t the first political video the creator has released. Bad Lip Reading released videos of Barack Obama’s inauguration, the debates and the national debates from both this year and previous years. The creator says his favorite person to dub is Bernie Sanders.

The creator of the Bad Lip Reading channel wants to remain anonymous, but he has given interviews to Rolling Stone and The New York Times explaining his process. His mother went deaf in her forties and had to learn how to lip read out of necessity. She was good at it, but when Bad Lip Reading creator tried his hand, he was terrible. That’s where he picked up the “skill” of bad lip reading that has served him so well in his comedy videos.

The YouTube channel’s success was immediate. Bad Lip Reading’s first video was Rebecca Black’s internet sensation “Friday.” Famous for its “so bad its good” quality (or, just bad) “Friday” was mocked all over the internet when it debuted in 2011. With the sound off, Bad Lip Reading thought it looked like Black was singing, “Gang Fight.” After a lot of work editing, singing, and working out the rest of the lyrics, the first Bad Lip Reading video was born.

The video was seen over 1 million times and Bad Lip Reading quickly got about 20,000 subscribers–all from his first video. He kept making them, and today the channel has 68 videos and 6 million subscribers. “‘INAUGURATION DAY’ — A Bad Lip Reading of Donald Trump’s Inauguration” is the latest video.

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