UFO News 2017: Mysterious Flying Objects Spotted In Mexican Volcano, Atlas V Launch, Beguiles Critics And Believers Alike

UFO sightings are increasing in intensity once more, as two prominent incidents have caught the eye of alien hunters over the last couple of weeks. Two incidents, one in the Puebla Region in Mexico, and another in Titusville, Florida, have managed to get numerous believers and skeptics quite beguiled due to the nature of the sightings. Considering the number of sightings reported in January alone, it appears that 2017 could be a pretty busy time for the UFO community.

A recent sighting caught on video on January 24, depicted a bright ball of light ascending from the Popocatépetl Volcano in Mexico. The footage was uploaded and shared by UFO-themed group Streetcap1 on YouTube, according to The Express. While some of the group’s videos have been immediately debunked by skeptics as false or too vague, the footage of the mysterious object seemingly launching from within the Mexican volcano has managed to get both believers and skeptics interested.

One thing that has managed to get skeptics and believers equally interested is the fact that the bright object in the video appeared very genuine. Thus, even those who are very hesitant to explore the possibility of UFO’s existence were piqued. Since the video was posted by the UFO-hunting group, numerous skeptics have noted that while the object might not be of alien origin, it might very well be the mysterious and long-rumored TR-3B black project that the United States Air Force has allegedly been developing.

Numerous UFO sightings continue to be reported worldwide.
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The TR-3B aircraft has long been rumored to be one of the most secret machines that the United States is developing. Speculated to be reverse-engineered from captured alien technology, the TR-3B is rumored to be the most advanced aircraft that the U.S. Air Force will ever have. Unsurprisingly, the existence of the project itself has not been confirmed by the U.S. government, but UFO sightings such as the recent incident in the Mexican volcano seem to confirm that something unlike any aircraft officially known to man is flying over the skies.

While answers to the Mexican sighting remain unknown, another incident has managed to the UFO community just as interested. In a recent attempt to launch an Atlas V rocket on January 19, numerous witnesses watching the event caught a glimpse of a bright object streaking across the skies. A witness, who has opted to remain anonymous, described the events that transpired during the mysterious UFO incident, according to an Open Minds TV report.

“My husband and I were in the viewing bleachers for the launch of the Atlas V rocket carrying a missile-detecting satellite. We were in a launch delay. I was standing in the bleachers and others were sitting.

“I was looking towards the east and suddenly I saw an extremely bright, yellow/green light and it was wide, and it was close. It was horizontal to the ground and it streaked by us. I yelled, ‘Look’ and people in the stands caught a glimpse. It was so fast that many missed it, but some didn’t. The woman behind me who was sitting down and just caught a glimpse said it was a meteor. I said, no, there was something in it.”

A recent Atlas V rocket launch became the site for yet another UFO sighting on January 19.
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The witness further described the details that she could make out of the mysterious object within the otherworldly bright light. According to the witness, the object within the light had a rounded shape, reminiscent of classic UFOs.

“Just before the yellow/green streak of light vanished, for a fleeting bit of a second, I saw part of something metallic. It had a seam and a shape that was rounded. But the yellow/green light obscured all but a small part of the object. I know what I saw and there was definitely something in that light.”

“We all got on the buses and left. But I was still filled with excitement as I believe that was a UFO. I checked the web and cannot find any record of a meteor on that night.”

What was rather interesting is the fact that the Atlas V rocket launch was eventually canceled due to a wayward aircraft that was spotted in the area during the time of the launch. Homeland Security confirmed that the alleged aircraft that interfered in the rocket launch was theirs. However, witnesses of the mysterious bright light maintain that what they saw was unlike any man-made plane they have ever seen.

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