NBA Trade Rumors: Cleveland Cavaliers Acquire Dwyane Wade, Serge Ibaka Heading To The Portland Trailblazers

The Chicago Bulls’ hot start seems like ages ago, as of now, the team is struggling heavily despite signing Dwyane Wade to a massive contract. The Chicago Bulls have been mired in rumors of a massive rebuild ever since last season, and it looks like the team has already chosen to rip apart the team by shopping Dwyane Wade around the league.

Meanwhile, the Cleveland Cavaliers have been losing an alarming amount of games for the past weeks. It certainly looks like the Cavaliers are not on par with their rival Golden State Warriors. With Chicago currently unloading Wade, could the Cleveland Cavaliers swoop in to get him?

According to Fox Sports, the Bulls are trying to unload every huge contract on their roster except Jimmy Butlers’. When asked whether it is an open secret around the league that Chicago is trading Dwyane Wade, Dan Le Batard of ESPN has this interesting quote to say about the whole situation.

“Chicago is willing to do it…Chicago is making everyone on their roster available except Jimmy Butler. I guess maybe that’s not surprising…If Cleveland wants him (Wade) they can have him.”

It is no secret that Lebron James and Dwyane Wade are the best of friends off the court. Lebron has already tried to recruit the services of Dwyane Wade during the free agency. The only obstacle that threatens this whole trade scenario with the Cleveland Cavaliers is Wade’s massive contract. Cleveland will have to give off some critical pieces of their team just to get Dwyane Wade.

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Another question to ask is, do the Cleveland Cavaliers need Dwyane Wade? Wade is already 35 years old and has probably a couple of years left only in his career. Cleveland would love to have Dwyane Wade sparking the bench but might seem clunky alongside the Cleveland Cavalier’s big three.

At $23 million, Dwyane Wade is going to be an extremely expensive bench player for the Cleveland Cavaliers. However, Cleveland would definitely benefit from Wade’s playmaking skills. This is something that the Cleveland Cavaliers is severely lacking and something that Lebron James has been complaining at in recent weeks. The Cleveland Cavaliers could look into giving up guys like JR Smith along with Iman Shumpert.

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But losing those two guys with Dwyane Wade’s eroding talents might be a price too steep for the Cleveland Cavaliers. The Cavaliers are on their way to the finals and key pieces like J.R Smith might just be too valuable for them. However, the Cleveland Cavaliers have been looking really vulnerable as of late, losing to mediocre teams. Lebron is known to be impatient and to sound off the alarms fast. The Cleveland Cavaliers just might need to do something drastic to appease “The King.”

Dwyane Wade has already professed his disdain of having to play for a team that is in rebuilding mode. If he wants to contend then there are only a few options for him to go to. Of course, his best option is still the Cleveland Cavaliers who might need someone like Wade when Cleveland eventually face the stacked Golden State Warriors.

Meanwhile, another rumor is brewing that involves the Orland Magic and Serge Ibaka. A lot of teams are interested in acquiring the lengthy rim protector but one candidate to land him is considered to top contender – The Portland Trail Blazers.

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According to SB Nation, Ibaka’s contract is about to run out and the Orlando Magic is trying to deal him before the trade deadline. The Portland Trail Blazers are in talks with the Magic and just trying to figure out which of their young players to deal with. With their rim protection woes, the Portland Trailblazers will get a huge lift from Serge Ibaka especially since they are fighting for a playoff spot.

Serge Ibaka will also do wonders for the Portland Trailblazer’s offense. He has enough range to stretch the floor for Damian Lillard to have more room when he goes to the rim. Ibaka will also be a huge upgrade when it comes to rebounding which will be a big benefit for the Portland Trailblazers trying to climb their way up towards a more favorable playoff spot.

The Cleveland Cavaliers and the Portland Trailblazers are trying to make moves before the trade deadline so fans better watch out what happens in the next few weeks.

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