‘Steven Universe’ Recap: Someone Gets Abducted In Season 4 Episode 11, ‘Steven’s Dream’

Steven Universe Season 4 finally returned from its winter hiatus on Monday night. In the first episode from StevenBomb 5, Episode 11 titled “Steven Dream,” Steven Quartz Universe was determined to find out the truth about his mother’s past and Pink Diamond. His search for answers, however, ended on a dreadful note.

Here is a recap of what happened in Steven Universe Season 4 Episode 11, “Steven’s Dream.”

Steven is dreaming about a strange place. When he opens his eyes, he discovers, to his surprise, that his eyes are shedding tears. He has no clue to why the dream brought tears to his eyes. Steven tells his father, Greg, that it was not a sad dream.

The dream, however, makes Steven curious about Pink Diamond. He asks Greg whether his mother, Rose Quartz, ever talked to him about Pink Diamond. He tells his son that they never talked about certain things, and he never pressed for details.


He and Rose mainly talked about feelings, music, comic books, getting sand between the toes. Rose, who started a war, wanted to confess everything to Greg, but he stopped her from doing that. For him, what she was in the present mattered and not her past. Greg tells Steven that his mother was an incredibly loving being.

Later in the night, Steven again dreams about a broken down, pink structure. Next morning, Connie opens a book and shows him an image similar to what he saw in his dream. She tells him that it is called the Palanquin. Steven believes that his dream has some connection to Pink Diamond.

The Crystal Gems are seen in this still image from Steven Universe.
Steven Universe Season 4 Episode 11 Recap. [Image by Steven Universe/Cartoon Network]

When the Crystal Gems arrive, he asks them to tell him the truth about the Diamond who was shattered by his mother. Garet, who seems to have all the answers, refuses to tell him anything. She also bars him from going to the place, saying that Rose never wanted him to see that place.

Steven is not in a mood to give up. He tells the three gems that he is tired of everyone lying to him and if anyone deserves to know the truth, it is him because Rose was his mother.

Garet asks him to trust her, adding that he if comes to know the truth, he will become more curious to visit the place. She says that she cannot accompany him because she is scared of her. Hearing Garet’s cryptic utterances, Steven becomes more desperate to know the truth.

Seeing that he won’t be getting any answers from the Crystal Gems, Steven asks his father to help him. They both fly off to South Korea to find the truth.

There, Steven starts shedding tears again when he and his father get closer to the place that he saw in his dream. The two jump over a fence to enter a restricted area.

Steven first spots a blue Palanquin, which is in perfect condition. When he says that it is different as in his dream, it was all broken down and pink, Greg quips that it must have got a paint job.

They soon hear a voice saying “O’ Pink.” The voice helps them locate the pink Palanquin and discover that they are not the only ones interested in Pink Diamond.


Blue Diamond in kneeling in front of the pink Palanquin and saying, “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. I should have done more. Yellow says it’ll all be over soon. I wonder what you would think. This is your planet after all. I still think it is.”

Steven’s eyes again start shedding tears. He tells his father that he does not know her but it seems that he was seeing his dreams through her eyes. And he has been crying her tears.

Blue Diamond’s Pearl hears them talking. Greg steps up to handle the situation before she could see Steven.

Greg awkwardly greets Blue Diamond after Pearl informs her she found a native. The two soon find common ground — the loss of someone close. He tells her that he knows how hard it is to move when one loses someone.

Blue Diamond is surprised to see a human capable of understanding her emotions. She tells Greg that a geo-weapon incubating on the plant is set to destroy everything soon, and he does not deserve that.


She sees him as the last piece of Pink Diamond’s legacy and picks him up from the ground. And a helpless Steven watches her enter the blue Palanquin holding his dad tightly in her hand, and soon the Palanquin disappears inside the hand-shaped spacecraft.

Steven tries to follow the spacecraft but fails to enter into space. He starts to tumble down, but before he could crash land and hurt himself, Garet catches him midair in her arms.

She tells him that she is sorry for not accompanying him. Steven, on the other hand, is regretting his decision to find the truth. He blames himself for his father’s abduction and tells Garet that he should have listened to her.

Garet tells him, “We are going to space. We are going to get him back.”

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