Michael Vick: Ex-Atlanta Falcons Quarterback Speaks On Retirement, Super Bowl, Matt Ryan, And More

Former Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick spoke about his old employer’s upcoming Super Bowl appearance and his future in the NFL, via an interview with Sports Illustrated. Vick also addressed Matt Ryan, who replaced Vick as the franchise signal caller.

Mike Vick on Retirement from the NFL

Michael Vick on retirement
Former Falcons quarterback Michael Vick said his time in the NFL is up {Image by John Bazemore/AP Images]

Michael Vick, 36, played six seasons for the Atlanta Falcons after he was selected with the No. 1 overall NFL draft pick in 2001.

Many will recall Vick’s electric highlights as a member of the Falcons. However, Vick also made a Pro Bowl appearance with the Philadelphia Eagles. Moreover, he was a backup turned starter for the New York Jets in 2014 and Pittsburgh Steelers in 2015.

Nonetheless, Vick was asked if he was serious about retirement rumors after not signing with an NFL team in 2016. Vick said he thinks that is it for his NFL career.

The Falcons legend said he was committed to giving it one more shot in 2016, but he is satisfied with his career accomplishments.

“I made a difference. I’m content with my career and I’m ready to move forward in life.”

As to the future, Vick said he wants to stay connected to football via coaching or broadcasting. Either way, he believes his future his bright.

In addition, Vick is celebrating his retirement announcement with a huge party, per TMZ Sports. Rapper Gucci Mane will be at the event in Houston.

Michael Vick on the Atlanta Falcons and Matt Ryan

Michael Vick speaks about Matt Ryan
Atlanta Falcons' Matt Ryan received some praise from Michael Vick [Image by David Goldman/AP Images]

During his interview with Sports Illustrated, Michael Vick said he is a big fan of quarterback play. That extends to current Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan.

Vick said he always felt Ryan was going to be one of the top quarterbacks in NFL. He added that Ryan has looked good every year.

Still, Michael Vick said he was shocked and stunned when the Falcons drafted Ryan with the 2008 No. 3 pick, while Vick was serving a two-year sentence in federal prison.

“A little salty,” Vick said about his feelings during that time.

“But I was able to get over it quick because I understood the circumstances.”

That was the day Vick knew he would be playing for another NFL team if he was reinstated into the league. The ex-Falcons quarterback understood that he would have to play in a new locker room and city. He had no advanced notice that the Falcons would replace him in that year’s draft, either.

Further, Vick said that his grandma died from a stroke during that time. Hence, he said it was a rough day for him.

Regardless, Vick said he pulled for Ryan from Day One. He knew that Matt Ryan could breathe life back into the city, despite having big shoes to fill.

Now, Ryan can bring a Super Bowl to Atlanta. Vick said everyone in the city has their fingers crossed for the Falcons to win an NFL Championship in Super Bowl XLI.

Vick also said he is still in Atlanta a few times a year. He said he still feels the love from the hard working people who love the Falcons.

Michael Vick on Arthur Blank and Julio Jones

Michael Vick on his frienship with Arthur Blank
Atlanta Falcons owner Arthur Blank is still a friend to Michael Vick [Image by David Goldman/AP Images]

Michael Vick also spoke about other members of the Atlanta Falcons during his interview.

Vick said he knows Matt Ryan’s No. 1 receiver, Julio Jones, well. He said he does not know what he would have done with a receiver like Jones.

“It wouldn’t have been just about me. It would have been about our entire offense as a whole.”

Further, Vick credited the current Atlanta Falcons staff for putting Jones in the best positions to succeed.

Otherwise, Vick addressed his relationship with a Falcons organization member that he did work with during his time in Atlanta.

Falcons owner Arthur Blank was one of the stakeholders that believed in Vick as a 22-year-old quarterback, Vick said. The 2001 No. 1 NFL draft pick said the Falcons owner always wanted the best for him.

The two needed time and communication to repair their relationship, after Vick’s prison sentence. Vick said he still appreciates the friendship that he has with Blank.

“Still to this day he knows the right questions to ask of me.”

Now, Arthur Blank, Matt Ryan, and Julio Jones will represent the Atlanta Falcons at this Sunday’s Super Bowl versus the New England Patriots. Meanwhile, Michael Vick is preparing for life after the NFL

[Featured Image by John Bazemore/AP Images]