‘Bachelor’ Spoilers Week 5: One Girl Returns To New Orleans To Tell Nick Off After Corinne Makes Waves Again

The Bachelor Nick Viall is put on the spot before Monday night’s rose ceremony when one contestant returns to question his intentions. Most of the girls are not happy that Corinne Olympios is still around and during the episode that airs on January 30, one girl who has already been eliminated will return to the show and basically say what everyone else is thinking about his sexed-up behavior with Corinne.

On Monday night, the 13 girls head to New Orleans for group dates, a one-on-one date, and a two-on-one date. Although spoilers point to Nick canceling the cocktail party, one girl surprises Nick and returns to the show before the rose ceremony, all to set him straight about Corinne.

Warning — there are spoilers ahead for Episode 5!

Corinne was named this season’s villain early on in the season, but Nick keeps giving her roses week after week. She’s skipped out on a rose ceremony, pulled her top off during a group date, and has made it clear that she wants to sleep with Nick by coming on to him in a bounce house and asking him to lick whipped cream off of her chest — something that he didn’t say no to.

Corrine Olympios whipped cream scene Bachelor 2017
Corrine teases 'The Bachelor' Nick with whipped cream [Image by ABC]

Vanessa Grimaldi didn’t hold back last week when she asked Nick if he was there to find a wife or “f” around. According to Bustle, Vanessa told him straight out that it wasn’t fun watching Corinne’s sexual advances during the pool party.

Despite their conversation, Nick kept Corinne around for another week leaving all of the girls to wonder what his true intentions are. Apparently, Vanessa’s words weren’t enough, so someone else decided to return to the show talk to Nick.

During Episode 5, Corinne and Taylor will get picked for the dreaded 2-on-1 date. After her blowout with Taylor, it’s not a shocker to find out that producers picked them to go on the most stressful date of the season. The date ends with Corinne getting a rose and Taylor is furious that Nick has decided to send her home.

Taylor’s elimination gets all the girls talking — it appears that Corinne is in it for the long haul and no one is happy about it. Of course, no one is more ticked off than the newly-dumped Taylor, so she decides to come back to the show to talk to Nick before the rose ceremony — but she doesn’t ask him to give her another chance.

Instead, Reality Steve states that Taylor “bitches him out” about keeping Corinne around, something many fans probably may applaud. However, Nick doesn’t seem to care — he takes it all in but doesn’t change his mind about Corinne.

The villain stays, and Taylor leaves for good, but viewers can expect to see some serious fireworks when all the girls get together on The Bachelor: Women Tell All special that airs one week before the season finale (March 6).

Corinne and Bachelor Nick Viall in the pool
Corinne and Nick on 'The Bachelor' [Image by ABC Television Network]

So, how long does Corinne stick around? Will Nick keep her around because he’s truly interested in pursuing a long-term relationship with her or is her appearance on the show just for entertainment purposes?

According to The Stir, Nick may not be calling all the shots when it comes to who to keep and who to send home. The report states that a show insider has revealed that Nick had a tough time making decisions about the women that he asked the producers to help him out before the rose ceremonies.

Of course, producers were probably glad to help out — keeping Corinne around is great for ratings because her antics really gets fans talking. Whether Nick really wanted her there or he just went along with the producers’ decisions is not known, but Reality Steve’s spoilers indicate that he takes her all the way to the hometown dates before he sends her home.

Chances are this isn’t the last time we’ll see Corinne Olympios on TV. She will make an appearance — in the hot seat, of course — on the Women Tell All and there are rumors that she will show up on the 4th season of Bachelor in Paradise this summer.

[Feature Image by Rick Rowell/ABC Television Network]