‘Amazing Spider-Man’ Blu-Ray Is Packed With Sequel Teasers [Video]

If you’re curious about the sequel to The Amazing Spider-Man, then the best place to start is with the reboot’s upcoming Blu-Ray, according to reports.

The Amazing Spider-Man is out on Blu-Ray today, and if you’re amped about the sequel, chances are you bought the film already. If you did, we’ll tell you exactly where you need to look on the disc for sequel teasers.

According to Entertainment Tonight, you’re supposed to pay attention to the lab tour that Gwen takes the interns on, as there are a few Easter Eggs there. The last shot of the movie also contains something interesting as well, though reports didn’t specify what, and we haven’t gotten our own copy of The Amazing Spider-Man in at the IQ desk just yet.

As per this post (which contains some pretty interesting theories about the whole “conspiracy” teased in The Amazing Spider-Man) the Easter Eggs in the lab have to do with some sort of display that Parker and Connors are working with, which shows a rhino, possibly teasing the Spider-Man villain of the same name.

Then, in the final “Spider-Man swings through the cityscape” montage, if you look closely, there’s apparently a shot of Electro’s pants hanging from a clothesline. Electro is rumored to be the villain in the sequel, with actor Jamie Foxx being courted for the role, but how the filmmakers can come up with a reasonable explanation as to why Electro hangs his supervillain costume on a clothesline after presumably doing laundry like a regular schmoe… who knows.

Personally, I think they just want you to buy The Amazing Spider-Man on Blu-Ray.

In case you came here thinking you’ve wasted your time, we’ve embedded Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone’s screen test below as a sort of peace offering: