‘Flip Or Flop’ Divorce Plays Out On Show In Epic Backfire?

The infamous Flip or Flop divorce is playing out on the show by way of risk-taking between the two stars and soon-to-be-divorced couple. To prove their worth as separate entities, the Flip or Flop couple are pushing each other over the edge and dangling closer to a flop than ever before.

There’s pain involved in this divorce, but Tarek and Christina El Moussa’s pain isn’t because their divorce is a sad event for the couple. It’s because the two are legally and contractually stuck with each other, making it hard to move on, according to Realtor.com


Due to their Flip and Flop contract, the show must go on until they see their HGTV episodes through to it’s season finale. There’s no room for mudslinging, backstabbing, or any of the other antics that a couple divorcing with fury in their blood might partake in. While reports similar to Realtor.com have the couple at odds, TV Guide reports the couple want to continue doing the show once their divorce is finale.

After one of their latest shows, fans can probably understand why the couple are good together at their chosen career, despite not doing well within their marriage. It seems the two went through a bout where one tried to outdo the other so each could prove they are irreplaceable. Each one did this in their own way, which involved some risk-taking.

Christina wants to move on with a show of their own and is doing her best to demonstrate she’ll have no problem in flipping houses without Tarek. She is also asking for a “younger and sexier” co-star, according to In Touch Magazine.

While Christina and Tarek have to put on a face that indicates they are a happy couple as they flip or flop these homes, the dirty deed of undermining does appear to sneak into their on-air presence. The fans of the show get to see how this plays out with the couple’s seemingly new threshold for risk-taking.

Christina is vying for her own show while Tarek is making sure his value is duly noted as the co-star of Flip or Flop. This has set the stage for the couple to up the ante in their individual risk-taking limits. Both are doing the best to outshine the other, and this offers up some jaw-dropping moments on the show.


Ironically, during an episode of a house flip, instead of safeguarding against a flop, they pushed the limits to rattle one another. This ended up backfiring, but in a positive way for the show and for their finances. Both Christina and Tarek throw caution to the wind starting with the purchase of the house. It’s dark, gloomy, filled with junk, and it stinks to high heaven. The 1,000-square-foot home also has some demolition involved with a sunporch in the back of the dwelling needing to come down.

This house is a “no-go” for Christina, but Tarek sees something different with its huge lot and gets the house for $325,000, which he haggled down from the asking price of $375,000. For anyone who has watched Flip or Flop, you know this couple’s usual limits and how much of a risk each one is willing to take to make a profit on a flip.


With a $65,000 to $70,000 quote from the contractor for all the work this place needs, you would think a red flag pointing to a flop would pop up, as this is more than they usually spend. They purchased the gem for $325,000 and the neighborhood supports an asking price for a home somewhere in the mid $500,000 range. This is cutting it close since the house is only 1,000 square-feet.

This is when Christina decides to add an additional $40,000 to $45,000 on the price of the renovation by including a new master bedroom, master bath, and a walk-in closet. That’s $70,000 plus another $45,000, bringing this Flip or Flop find way out of the usual comfort zone for Christina and Tarek when it comes to spending money. Both did their best to show how their decision was the more important one for making a profit on the flip of this house.

Then Christina, who usually doesn’t stray from a gray and white color scheme when it comes to a Flip or Flop paint job, decides the kitchen cabinets will look good painted bright blue. This is when Tarek asks if she is setting him up. He also asks if “this is a joke?” No, it’s not a joke and Christina’s design calls for two-toned cabinets of blue and white.


Tarek takes a stand but caves in and the cabinets are painted blue and white, just as Christina wanted. In theory, all this pushing to outdo the other one has taken this flip closer to a flop, but something strange occurs. While trying to outshine each other in their abilities to flip a home for profit, they made a cool $100,000 on the house after all was said and done. That’s the net profit for this Flip or Flop house.

All the antics of trying to outdo each other ended up proving one point: This couple makes a fantastic duo when it comes to flipping a home. This Flip or Flop house was a money maker because Tarek saw the profit through the dirt, grime, and stench. This was a house Christina was ready to pass up.

When the original estimate for the cost of the renovations came in, it was Christina who wanted to add the bedroom suite, bringing the cost to astronomical numbers they would traditionally back away from. Her risk of adding this expensive addition paid off for the sale of the house.

If Christina was setting Tarek up for a failure with those blue and white cabinets, as he suggested when first presented with the idea, that backfired too because they made a hit. This hit turned into a huge profit. The two pushed each other to success, which did nothing more than indicate that it takes the two of them together to make the show.

[Featured Image by Alan Marler/AP Images]