Donald Trump: No Regrets About Epic Twitter Rant

Donald Trump has no regrets about his epic Twitter rant earlier this week about the outcome of the 2012 Presidential Election.

Trump called Obama’s victory a “total sham” and a “disgusting injustice” on Twitter and urged people to march on Washington. Trump has deleted some of the more controversial tweets but said that he had no regrets about what he said.

Trump said:

“The fact is that there’s a large group of people who like Donald Trump and what Donald Trump says … I have no regrets. I’ve been well-received … I will have way over 2 million Twitter followers shortly.”

Business Week reports that an online petition started shortly after Trump’s rant asking Macy’s to stop carrying the real estate mogul’s merchandise.

The petition reads:

“As of late, Donald Trump has engaged in especially unpleasant, nasty and despicable behavior … So act, and dump Trump.”

But Trump isn’t worried about the petition. The real estate mogul says that his ties are big sellers for Macy’s and he isn’t worried about the store dropping his products.

Trump said:

“We’re one of the hottest brands at Macy’s. One of the reasons it’s so hot is that they’re great ties.”

Trump, who made headlines last month when he offered President Obama $5 million to reveal his college transcripts, also has a strained relationship with NBC. The real estate mogul’s political rants have caused a bit of a rift at the network.

NBC News anchor Brian Williams said: “Donald Trump, who has driven well past the last exit to relevance and veered into something closer to irresponsible here, is tweeting tonight.”

Do you think Donald Trump should apologize for his latest political outbursts? Do you think Macy’s, and maybe NBC, should cut ties with The Donald?